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Review: Dead Blood: Book Two by Jay Bower @JayBowerAuthor

Dead Blood: Book Two

by Jay Bower

Published: February 21, 2022

Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Horror, Zombies, Vampires


Bloodthirst doesn’t stop when the dead inhabit the earth. But it does mean adapting how it’s filled.

With the dead roaming free and a band of armed humans out to put an end to his eternal life, the vampire Dorian creates a sanctuary far from town. With human captives, fresh blood is always available.

But his problems don’t stop there and reconnecting with his brood consumes him.

He sets his sights on a neighboring town with the promise of finding answers.

Stumbling on a group of children, the survivors force him to reconsider a vow he made after his daughter’s death.

The apocalypse has destroyed the old ways, and soon he must choose between his lust for blood and a moral code he’s sworn to obey.

One challenge after another strikes at his heart and stomach as he’s forced to make awful decisions.

But Dorian does know this…

Blood will be shed. His convictions…challenged. And his future…questionable.

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My Review:

Dead Blood: Book Two continues to follow Dorian on his adventures through the zombie apocalypse. Dorian’s food supply is quickly dwindling away right before his eyes. Dorian is a vampire and can’t feed on the blood of the zombies. His food supply is quickly becoming a part of the undead world. Yeah, humans may be heading toward extinction.

Zombies come after Dorian just as fast as they come after humans. Dorian has to fight for his life just like humans. Zombies are not Dorian’s only problem. No, there is a group of people that are hunting Dorian. A group of people who want him dead.

Jay Bower knows how to make your heart go out to a vampire. He has you rooting for said vampire on numerous occasions. But there are a few times when I was against him and hoped that he did not come out on top. But Dorian is a good person for a vampire. Like a human Dorian does what he has to do to survive just as mother nature intended.

Dorian runs into a group of children who need his help after they were trapped in a building by zombies. Dorian is in need of food in a very bad way. Dorian is reluctant to help the children as he is afraid that he will attack them and take their blood.

You see, Dorian made a vow to himself a long time ago that he would not feed from children and he has been doing really well. But after that last zombie attack while he was trying to protect the children from the zombies Dorian is not sure how strong he is. Yeah, Dorian is in a bad way and needs to feed if he is going to make it to see another day.

Will Dorian be able to save the children or will they become his next meal? Only one way to find out grab your copy of Dead Blood: Book Two today as I highly recommend it!

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