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Review: Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless (POF Mini Trilogy #1-3) by J.V. Nolan

Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless

POF Mini Trilogy #1-3

by J.V. Nolan

Published: July 5, 2022

Genre: Horror, Short Stories


Player One: FEAR

What's behind you? Do you hear that?

After winning the most intensive gaming tournament in egame sports history, James was quickly recognized as one of the top ten best gamers in the world.

A game developer company had followed his ranking closely and pitched James an unrefutable offer. The company needed a star recruit to lead a strong campaign for its upcoming game title, which would revolutionize gaming using its VR platform.

A unanimous decision was made to add a new patch closer to the due date. James was asked to investigate any defects and compile a full report. Little did he know, James was about to walk into one hellish nightmare, unleashing the most disturbing events he would ever endure.

Player One: FEARFUL

Childish Giggle

James needed a well-deserved rest after completing a monumental debugging of the new game. His two weeks off were cut short when all sorts of disturbances appeared in front of his eyes. Soon, James started walking through a blurred line and couldn't distinguish between what was real and what was made up. A voice repeatedly called out, trying to draw him into the darkness. When options were exhausted, and there was only so much punishment he could endure, he sought help from a psychiatrist.

Player One: FEARLESS

Tick-tock. Tick-tock

Driven by madness, the clock's ticking made him question the effectiveness of the pills he was prescribed. Or was it all in his mind? James's paranoia ran high when all the old aggravations came flooding back. His fractured mind bitterly tries to piece together events leading to his final decision to succumb to the voice that haunted him for so long.

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My Review: 

Player One: Fear #1

James and all his friends, Kelly, Patrick, Jordan, and Nicky all love playing games but have only played at home. One day when they are out they see a new game, a game to be played in public. They are not too thrilled about playing in front of people but decide to give it a go.

James and his friends are called The Fever Crew. James and The Fever Crew become so good at playing this game that they decide to enter a contest. The game was hot and intense I was on the edge of my seat pulling for them from the moment they began to play.

Afterward, James receives a letter from one of the leading technology companies in the country offering him a job with their company on a new project.

My Review: 

Player One: Fearful #2

After working with this game development company for a while James needs a rest after having some problems with a game glitching. His boss sends him home for two weeks for some much need rest and relaxation.

James plans to just sit around doing nothing much but watching a little TV. He has no intentions of playing any games. But something has different plans for James. James starts to hear a voice calling to him asking him to play with them. James is not sure what is happening.

After a while, James decides the best solution would be just to play with the voice. What could it hurt anyway, right? Wrong. Before James realizes what is going on his world is turned upside down and he can no longer distinguish the difference between what is real and what is not.

By this point, I was bouncing up and down on my chair wondering what was going on. I couldn't figure out what was happening to James or why. By this time it was becoming hard for me to figure out what was real and what was not. It was a blur between the two.

It was on now as I was racing to the end to try and find out all the answers to all my questions and believe me I had many, many questions. The more I read the more intense the story became. I couldn’t put it down now even if I wanted to. I had to know what was happening and why.  

My Review: 

Player One: Fearless #3

By now James is having a hard time with reality. He decides that the best thing to do is to see a Dr. He needed someone to talk to that would not judge him. Going to see Dr. Shelby was a great idea. It seemed to be helping him a lot.

But the voice was still trying to get James to play with them. Now James is having problems with the clock ticking. This ticking is driving him mad.

The clocks and James' new world had me all tied up in knots by this point and still with so many unanswered questions. It was driving me mad. I couldn't flip those pages fast enough to reach the end as I needed those questions answered like now. My pulse was racing just as fast or rather faster than I could turn the pages.

My Review: 

Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless

POF Mini Trilogy #1-3

I sorely enjoyed reading the POF Mini Trilogy. It was a fast-paced read that kept me hooked from the moment I read those first words until I read the last words. POF Mini Trilogy reminded me of that movie Ready Player One in many ways.

I would love to read more about James, Patrick, Jordan, Nicky, and Kelly. I would like to know where their lives are going. I would like to find out more about each character and their lives. What does the future hold for these guys?

I really enjoyed reading Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless boxset. I highly recommend Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless boxset to anyone looking for their next great read!

But I warn you to be prepared to stay awhile because believe me once you pick up this one you are not going to be able to lay it down until that last page is turned. So grab your copy of this fabulous boxset of Player One: Fear, Fearful, Fearless today for an adventure of a lifetime!  

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