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Book Tour + Review: Under a Wicked Moon (The Crown's Wolves #2) by Zoe Forward @AuthorZForward @SDSXXTours


Under a Wicked Moon

The Crown's Wolves Book 2

by Zoe Forward

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

They are the ultimate weapon. The ultimate secret. They are the Crown’s wolves.

Lycan Ky Lanzo is bound by the Crown’s command. His latest mission directive was deceptively simple. Get yourself caught. Now, Ky’s been bound, drugged, and collared by an unknown enemy in a facility that knows enough about him to neutralize his lycan strength and his telekinetic magic. But he’s not alone in his cell. Because there’s someone else with him. Someone exquisite. Someone altogether forbidden…

For Vivi Kinley, another month gone by means another full moon trapped in a cell with a moon-crazed lycan. There once was a time I’d never kill a living creature. Only, Ky is different. He’s powerful, latently sexy…and wanting him is dangerous trouble. Because sexual attraction is exactly what their captors want—and it’ll be an icy day in hell before she’ll allow it.

Now, Vivi and Ky have one chance at escape and to discover what twisted organization did this to them—and make them pay. The good news is that Ky might have found his near-impossible lycan mate. The bad news is that she might be programmed to kill them all…

The The Crown’s Wolves series is best enjoyed in order.

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She moistened her lips as she stood, eyelids at half-mast. “We shouldn’t go there.” He was suffocated by her proximity, by the feel of her hand on him, even though it was only resting on his thigh. Tingles spread from that point of contact. The room closed in, and nothing else existed. His chest rose and fell with each deep inhale and exhale.

Kiss me, Ky. Because if you don’t, I’m going to kiss you.”

He couldn’t look away from her lips. This was a line he wasn’t sure he should cross. He could do it. But should he? This woman had more power over him with one touch than he expected.

Her hand slid farther into his hair and gripped as if to hold him in place.

She pulled his head toward her. She met him more than halfway. At first touch, her lips were soft. Her tongue tickled the seam of his lips, teasing and asking. She tilted his head. His lips parted, and she went in deep. He floated, falling, and if he hadn’t been seated, he’d have fallen into the abyss.

Her opposite hand fell to his hips and slipped beneath his shirt. The warmth of her skin gliding over him elicited a groan. He lifted her onto his lap to have better access.

Without an ounce of self-consciousness, she rubbed against him. “Touch me, Ky.”

Under a Wicked Moon is the second book in The Crown Wolves Series and I must say it is just as good if not better than the first book Bad Moon Rising. Under a Wicked Moon opened with a blast and kept on rolling. Once I picked up Under a Wicked Moon there was no way I could put it down until I read every word.

All I wanted to know was Ky’s and Vivi’s fate. I wanted to know why they were locked up in that cell together. I had to know who put them there and why? I had to know if they were ever going to get out? Was help coming? Or were they going to have to find a way to escape all on their own? If so then how were they going to get out? And were they going to make it out alive?

The first book Bad Moon Rising told the story of Ky’s brother Roman and Vivi’s sister, Nova. Under a Wicked Moon tells Ky’s and Vivi’s stories. Vivi and Ky wake to find they’re locked in a cell with no way out that they can see right away. Vivi wants nothing more than to escape and find her sister Nova.

It doesn’t take Ky and Vivi long to figure out why they were put in the same cell alone together. Whoever has taken them hostage knows a lot about them like they know that it is their mating time. Ky and Vivi fight to mate as they know that is exactly what their captors want. But that is not going to be easy for either of them as their body's heat is turned way up.

I highly recommend Under a Wicked Moon to all paranormal creature fans! One-click your copy of Under a Wicked Moon today!

Don't miss book 1- Bad Moon Rising!

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USA Today bestselling author, parent, wife, veterinarian, chocolate lover. Author of spicy paranormal and contemporary romances. Zoe Forward brings readers the perfect combination of action adventure, romance, humor and a bit of magic.

Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers' Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers' Best Award.

You can find her residing in the South with a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids.

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