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Review: Ghouls and Grimoires (The Blood Witch Saga #4) by Theophilus Monroe

Ghouls and Grimoires

The Blood Witch Saga #4

by Theophilus Monroe

Published: October 31, 2022

Genre: Young Adult, Teen, Vampire, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dragons, Witches


Dead men tell no tales.

I can make them talk.

An echo remains in the blood.

I can tap into it. I can speak to the dead.

It might be dangerous, but what choice do I have?

The vampire king might be in hell, but he still desires me.

He'll stop at nothing to make me his.

I refused to be his queen on earth.

Does he really think he can compel me to become his queen in hell?


I'm Hailey Bradbury: Hedge Witch and Vampire.

My sire was staked moments after I was turned.

As a youngling, the Voodoo Queen took me in. She taught me her art.

I've been working with the new Mistress of the Vampire Council.

She trained me in the ways of vampirism, the path of the night.

Witchcraft + Voodoo + Vampirism = what I call bloodwitchery.

Most witches won't mess with the power latent in blood.

It's dark. It's dangerous. But if you can master it...

You can harness the power of life itself.

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Ghouls and Grimoires is the fourth volume in Theophilus Monroe’s expansive Blood Witch Saga.

Hailey Bradbury was only sixteen when she was turned seven years ago. She might be a young vampire—but she’s an accomplished badass witch. After all, only the most daring of witches dabble in blood magic.

Readers of Monroe’s Legacy of a Vampire Witch, Voodoo Academy series, or The Legend of Nyx, have encountered Hailey before. Now, she has come into her own. She may be a member of the Vampire council, her mentor might be the Voodoo Queen, but no one tells this blood witch what to do. Ghouls and Grimoires is an action packed Urban Fantasy with a heavy dose of closed door Paranormal Romance.

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My Review:

You know every book that I have read by Theophilus Monroe has been great. Each book just seems to get better and better with every turn of the page. But I will have to say that Ghouls and Grimoires have been the best one yet. I love all the characters, villain or not, good or bad. They were all amazing in their own way.

I love that there was more than one paranormal creature. I love that in Ghouls and Grimoires there are vampires, witches, demons, ghosts, faeries, and dragons. Ghouls and Grimoires had me on my toes on more than one occasion and for more than one reason as well.

There was this one character that left me squealing every time he made an appearance. I can’t wait to see what is waiting for us in the next book in The Blood Witch Saga.

Speaking of The Blood Witch Saga this is one of the best series that I have read in a very long time. The characters and the world that has been created for The Blood Witch Saga is out of this world amazing. It just doesn’t get much better than this. I wish that I could give Ghouls and Grimoires a higher rating than five stars because I surely would if that was an option.

If you are into vampires, witches, demons, ghosts, or faeries then I highly suggest grabbing a copy of Ghouls and Grimoires today for the adventure of a lifetime!

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