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Gingerbread Dead

by Lori L. Robinett

GENRE: Cozy Mystery


This fun cozy mystery features a “colorful display of Christmas suspense and intrigue” perfect for lovers of true crime and mysteries.

Jessica Barker blogs about true crime for an online magazine. Blogging for others is far from her dream job, but she's willing to pay her dues so that someday she'll have a podcast of her own.

Then, Jess witnesses what appears to be her next-door neighbor in distress and Jess is the only one who seems to care. When the cops dismiss her as a bothersome true crime reporter with an overactive imagination, Jess must delve into the life of her mysterious neighbors, Rory and John Regan – with hints at embezzlement and gambling – before someone ends up dead.

Lori L. Robinett introduces a new series about the adventures of an aspiring podcaster that will appeal to fans of true crime and cozy mysteries.

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The wife was still there, sitting at one end, so she appeared in profile. Jess frowned and leaned forward. The man still walked around the table. He moved slowly, as if out for a Sunday stroll, but there was something ominous about the motion. The woman sat upright in a chair, her arms dangling at her sides. Her head tipped forward, her chin nearly touching her chest, face hidden by a curtain of golden brown hair. The man loomed over her, his face flushed red, his mouth moving. The brunette raised her head and it bobbled as her mouth worked.

If only Jess could hear her. Frustration made Jess grip the edge of the table, her knuckles turning white.

The woman sank slowly, slipping from her chair like the sun into the horizon, disappearing inch by inch. Her husband stood watching, as if completely unconcerned. He made no move to help his wife, but calmly sipped his red wine, then turned back to the stove as if nothing had happened. He stirred something in the pot, then lifted the spoon to his lips and tasted the concoction, nodding as if satisfied.

Jess stretched up, trying to glimpse the wife, but she must be on the floor. The husband turned from the stove and carried a pot to the kitchen sink. His face was completely calm and unaffected.

A click sounded behind Jess and the living room floor lamp snapped on. Light flooded the room. She jumped and spun around. The automatic timer. Damn! She turned back to the window and stared across the yard.

The Regan house was dark.

My Review:

Jessica Barker blogs for an online magazine about true crime. Jess also has a podcast. Jess has been blogging online about crime since high school. Jess also does a little sleuthing on the side.

Jess has been keeping an eye on her next-door neighbors. There is more going on there than meets the eye. Is her next-door neighbor a wife beater? Is her next-door neighbor an alcoholic? Or is she ill? And why does her husband not recognize that his wife is ill when it is staring him in the face?

Jess sees more than the local police do. The police want to wrap things up nice and tight so they take the husband at his word when he says his wife is just drunk. Jess doesn't though. She sees more than anyone wants her to see.

Jess delves into the case head first. Jess is determined to solve the case before her neighbors end up dead. Is Jess getting in way over her head with this one? Is Jess putting her own life in danger with her investigation? Can Jess find the true culprit before it is too late?

Gingerbread Dead is a short, fast-paced read that held my attention from the first cozy page. Gingerbread Dead is a fun cozy little mystery. Gingerbread Dead is a great read for the holidays. Grab a bag of popcorn, a cozy blanket, a comfy seat by a warm fire, and last but not least grab a copy of Gingerbread Dead, and your all set!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lori L. Robinet is a paralegal by day, writer by night. She’s the author of several books, including mysteries, thrillers, and contemporary western romance. She also offers online writing courses through WriteScouts (her signature course is Blank to 50K). Lori and her husband of 25+ years live on a hobby farm in central Missouri maintained for the comfort and enjoyment of their Beagle and Snorkie and two rescue calico cats. When not writing (or reading), you can find Lori crafting or indulging in her TV addiction. Her favorite authors are Stephen King, Tierney James, Carolyn Paul Branch, Micki Browning (and soooo many others!).

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