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Review: CHRYSIX (The Fall Gauntlet #3) by J. A. Merkel


The Fall Gauntlet #3

by J. A. Merkel

Published: December 10, 2023

Publisher: Worlds Apart Media

Genre: Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian


Benji and Soren have defeated the last Fall Gauntlet fighter thrown at them, but their nightmare has just begun . . .

Benji and Soren narrowly escape the sewer rat clan, but their getaway comes at a terrible price: Soren’s mask has been tampered with, and he grows weaker with every step. Benji must find someone who can help his brother or risk losing him forever.

Without a true gauntlet champion, the world is falling out of balance, and new challengers vie to take down the brothers who shattered the age-old tournament. Benji puts on his lynx mask, seeking truth, only to hear an unfamiliar voice calling for help. As Soren slips further into a place of no return, and Benji’s options for help dwindle, the brothers take refuge at a spa run by sisters, Lyaza and Miki, hoping they can help heal Soren, but not all is as it seems. Both sisters carry dark secrets, and Miki harbors even grander plans of her own: to make contact with a goddess directly.

When Benji discovers that the voice has been calling Miki closer, he knows he has to stop her before she offers herself as a human vessel to carry out her own vision of what the Fall Gauntlet should be—one where the Dei punish those who attempt to destroy it. In the mountains beyond the desert, a harrowing secret about the totem animals is revealed, one that exposes the very foundations of the gauntlet itself. If Benji doesn’t figure out how to stop a mysterious and ancient force before it strikes, he’ll forfeit any chance he has of saving his mother, once and for all.

The Fall Gauntlet continues . . .

J. A. Merkel’s CHRYSIX is part of The Fall Gauntlet, a collection of dystopian sci-fi short stories about Benji and Soren’s misadventures to outsmart the Crown and save a family lost to them, all while learning how to be brothers again.

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My Review:

CHRYSIX is the third book in The Fall Gauntlet series by J. A. Merkel. Each story is magnificent in its own way. I have truly loved reading each book in The Fall Gauntlet series. I don’t think I could pick a favorite if had to.

But there is one thing I can tell you: each book gets better and better with each turn of the page. The more you read the more you want to read. You never want it to end.

In CHRYSIX Benji and Soren are still trying to save their family. They are on the run barely escaping the Rat with their lives. The brothers go in hiding at a spy run by sisters, Lyaza and Miki.

Someone has tampered with Soren’s mask. He is getting weaker and weaker. Benji must find a way to save his brother before it is too late for him. Something dark and sinister is going on and Benji must find out what it is and stop it if he wants to save Soren.

The Fall Gauntlet stories may be short but they do pack a big punch with so much action that keeps the pages turning. The suspense alone is enough to keep me racing to the end rooting for the brothers the whole way. The world-building is brilliant to say the least. The action just keeps on ramping up page after page.

I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end wondering and hoping that Benji would save Soren. It was intense as I waited to see what Soren’s outcome was going to be. Oh, man, I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in Benji and Soren’s world is going to be.

I would highly recommend CHRYSIX to all fans of dystopia and post-apocalyptic books with lots of action. Grab a copy of CHRYSIX today!

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