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Review: The Keeper's Battalion (The Keeper Archives #3) by S. T. Sanchez @authorstsanchez

The Keeper's Battalion

The Keeper Archives #3

by S. T. Sanchez

Published: December 2, 2022

Publisher: ‎ The Pampered Cat Press

Genre: Children's, Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Dragon, Unicorn, Mythical


The wait is finally over!
thrilling conclusion to the Keeper Archives!

After the elves wreaked havoc on Rastella, Ajax and his friends couldn't imagine things getting worse. The elves ravaged the city, killing and plundering before disappearing. But Lord Striker didn't leave empty-handed; he stole something precious from the kingdom before leaving Rastella to pick up the pieces of his destruction.

With lives hanging in the balance, Ajax and his friends must meet the demands of Lord Striker before time runs out. Join Ajax, Prince Blake, and their friends as they venture through new portals, encounter new creatures, and search for a way to stop Lord Striker from spreading devastation through all the realms once and for all.

Without the help of his medallion, will Ajax be brave enough, strong enough, and smart enough to out-maneuver Lord Striker and save Rastella?

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My Review:

The Keeper's Battalion is the third book in The Keeper Archives by S. T. Sanchez. I fell in love with The Keeper Archives with the first book The Portal Keeper.

The characters are all amazingly great people. You feel as if you have known them all their lives. They stand by each other when things get tough. I don’t think there is anything this little group of friends would not do for each other.

The elves and Lord Striker came to Rastella took whatever they wanted and destroyed whatever lay before them before finally returning to their world taking Niv with them.

Lord Striker took Niv but he wants something in return before releasing Niv. Ajax, Prince Blake, and all their friends must return to the other world to rescue Niv but first, they must find what Lord Striker has asked for her return.

Ajax and his friends must also find a way to stop Lord Striker from ever entering another world or realm ever again. Can they find everything they need to rescue Niv before their time runs out? Will they be able to stop Lord Striker from entering other realms to destroy them?

The Keeper Archives has been a very interesting story that has kept me hooked from the first book until the last. Each one getting better and better with each turn of the page. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough for wanting to know what was happening and also getting to know their new friends more.

There was not a dull moment to be had. The story had it all as it had suspense, mystery, and lots of mythical creatures as well as many twists that kept the story moving along wondrously.

I would highly recommend The Keep’s Battalion to all fans of fantasy, sword & sorcery, dragons, unicorns, elves plus so many more. Grab a copy of The Keeper's Battalion today!

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