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Precious Burdens

by Avery Sterling

GENRE: Historical Romance


Sarafina di Ramonicci sets sail for America as the promised bride in an arranged political marriage.Taken prisoner at sea, she clashes with her captor and demands freedom, only to discover he is planning her future husband’s demise, with her as a pawn in their deadly feud. The challenge of escape tests her loyalty to family, human decency, and love.

Captain Nye Tarquin is a dangerous man. Left to die on the streets of New Orleans, he swears retribution on the man responsible. When he makes Sarafina part of his plan, he isn’t prepared for the fiery vixen aboard his ship, nor his desire to claim her as his own. When passion overtakes honor, he’s torn between his heart and his need for justice.


For a brief moment, his eyes softened. But it was short-lived. In the next breath, his gaze hardened, and his jaw twitched as he turned towards the house.

She pulled him back. “Tell me, Nye! Why can’t you tell me?”

He leaned down and came within a breath of her, their noses almost touching. “Look in my eyes, Sarafina. Do you see compassion for you—or anyone? No. Because I lack those feelings,” he supplied, his raspy voice straining to shout.

Sarafina brushed passed him and marched into the manor, Nye close behind. She stopped and turned so quickly he had to swiftly move aside to keep from toppling over her.

You are not your demons, Nye.”

Cursing the increasing heat of the day, he removed his jacket and tossed it onto the closest piece of furniture, then untied his cravat. He caught his reflection in the massive mirror planted above the sideboard. His neck was exposed, and he looked disgustedly at the jagged scar. The wound had not only changed his appearance but also permanently damaged his voice. He braced his hands on the sideboard and avoided his own reflection. He couldn’t forgive all the pain he’d endured during his recovery. However, it was this ruination that had brought him Sarafina. He used to lie awake and dream of the different ways he’d make Cornell pay for what he’d done. Now, he lay awake thinking of a lady he wasn’t worthy of.

My Review:

Sarafina di Ramonicci was on her way to America to get married when she was taken captive. Sarafina is biding her time until the day she can escape. She is playing along with the captain of the ship the man who took her. But she is doing everything she can to make sure his trip is just as miserable as hers may be. She is getting under his skin in more ways than one.

Captain Nye Tarquin and Sarafina were always going back and forth with each other. I enjoyed their banter. I loved both characters very much. I loved how they were with each other. Sarafina made me laugh on several occasions when she would do things totally different than she thought Nye wanted just to get under his skin.

Precious Burdens had many twists and turns that kept the story following and the pages turning. Nye and Sarafina both kept me on my toes as I raced to the end to see what they were going to do or say next.

I would recommend Precious Burdens to anyone who loves reading historical romances. Grab a copy of Precious Burdens today and take a trip back in time with Sarafina and Nye!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Avery Sterling's love for the romance genre began in her teen years when she picked up her first novel. She was captivated by the sweeping scale of emotions brought about by the words. The experience catapulted her towards learning the art of wielding a breathtaking adventure, with a love that felt authentic. Wanting to inspire people with her own thoughts and words, she finished her first novel at sixteen. It was a step towards understanding the essence of what she wished to create. Most of her youth was spent traveling, searching out the romance and beauty in her everchanging world. From the waves that crashed against the rocky shores of Downeast, Maine, to the warm breezes of the Caribbean, she discovered that love was universal, apparent in its grandest and simplest of forms. Her goal is to write novels an audience can relate to, one that conveys the truth and nature of love… with all that steamy romance.

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