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Review: The Portal Keeper (The Keeper Archives #1) by S. T. Sanchez @authorstsanchez

The Portal Keeper

The Keeper Archives #1

by S. T. Sanchez

Published: November 3, 2022

Publisher: ‎ The Pampered Cat Press

Genre: Children's, Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Dragon, Unicorn, Mythical


If you like Harry Potter, or Wings of Fire, you'll love The Keeper Archives

Young Ajax is tasked with guarding the mysterious kingdom's portal, a sacred duty passed down through his family and recently abandoned by his older brother, bringing shame to his family. Few outside the royal family even know of its existence and there is a mysterious prophecy warning of its danger.

When the prince of Rastella comes to visit the portal, disaster strikes! In an accident, the prince falls into the portal and Ajax knows that it's up to him to venture in and get him back. With the knowledge that nobody who has entered it has ever returned, Ajax and his childhood friend, Nivara leap through the portal to try to save the prince. They discover a world full of magic and fantastic creatures, in an adventure that will test them to their limits, and leave them wondering if they will ever get home.

"A perfect story to read and share with a youngster in your life."

Kate Rauner, author of The Colony on Mars Series.

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My Review:

The Portal Keeper is the first book in The Keeper Archives by S. T. Sanchez. The Portal Keeper is a great introduction to a brand-new world. A world filled with many twists that keep the pages turning. A world that is filled with many creatures, some good and some not so good.

The Portal Keeper had me hooked from the first page as I raced to see where the story was going to end up. I was left in a panic when the characters leaped through a portal, two of whom gave no thought to themselves as they went through to another world.

It is Ajax’s turn to stand guard at the entrance to the portal. A portal that leads to another world. No one knows what is on the other side of the doorway that stands between the two worlds as no one that has entered has ever returned.

Which is why Ajax is taking over the guarding of the portal from his father. The next in line was his brother Axel but he disappeared two years ago. After taking over his duties Ajax understands Axel’s reason for disappearing, he had to be bored. Just standing there all day doing nothing becomes monotonous after a while.

Ajax runs into his best friend from childhood, Nivara whom he has not seen in two years. He doesn’t recognize her at first because she has turned into a beautiful young woman. But she is still the same person he once knew. Ajax soon learns that his best friend is betrothed to Prince Blake.

Nivara and the Prince visit Ajax at the portal. Right before their eyes, the Prince disappears. He has been knocked through the portal to the other side. Ajax is very upset. The only thing he figures he can do now is go after him. Nivara is afraid because no one has ever returned. But Ajax has to go to save the Prince and to save his family's name. So Ajax and Nivara jump through the portal as well.

What they find on the other side of the portal is way beyond their imagination. A whole new world has been opened right before their eyes. A world with creatures, unlike anything they have ever encountered before.

Upon entering the portal they are separated. They must find each other not to mention a way back through the portal to home. Can they find their way back home? Is it possible for them to return to their home? Do they even want to return home after visiting this new world?

The Portal Keeper was a fun read it reminded me of a few different movies that I have seen. Speaking of which I do think that The Portal Keeper would make a great movie. The world-building is awesome to say the least. It is wonderfully well written.

I enjoyed reading The Portal Keeper and can’t wait to dive into the next book The Secret of the Realms to see where the story goes next.

I would recommend The Portal Keeper to anyone who likes a good fantasy. If you like reading about other worlds and meeting new creatures then I do believe that you would fall in love with The Portal Keeper. Grab a copy of The Portal Keeper today!

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