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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Reaper of Chaos by C.D. Britt @BrittAuthor @XpressoTours

Reaper of Chaos
C.D. Britt
(Blood of Saviors, #1)
Publication date: December 5th 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

She loves death.
He is Death.
Thanatos took a fifty-year vacation from his duties as Death, psychopomp of the Underworld.
Returning to Halcyon, he meets Lira, a professor of Thanatology with the ability to see souls . . and
Intrigued, he finds himself obsessed with learning about the woman who studies, and sees, death.
As he finds himself growing closer to the woman who has him fascinated for the first time in centuries, a
devastating problem arises in both the mortal world and the Underworld.
People are no longer dying.
Thanatos and Lira now have a choice to make: each other or death itself.

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My Review:

Thanatos returns to the Underworld after a long vacation. Upon his return, he meets Lira, a professor of Thanatology, someone who studies and sees death.

Lira accuses Thanatos of stealing her soul, a soul that she had been working months on. Lira is upset with Thanatos until he finally tells her he didn’t steal her soul.

Oh, I think I best make myself more clear about Thanatos stealing Lira’s soul, as it was not her soul that he took but a soul she had been working on to help cross over.

I enjoyed getting to know both Thanatos and Lira. I especially enjoyed their relationship. I loved how they interacted with each other. Whenever they are together, sparks fly. Thanatos was drawn to Lira from the moment he first saw her, something that hadn’t happened to him before.

I loved the many twists that Reaper of Chaos spit out page after page. Reaper of Chaos is unique in its own way with the twists on the Gods and Goddesses.

If you like reading about the Gods and Goddesses, I highly recommend you grab a copy of Reaper of Chaos today!

Author Bio:

C.D. Britt began her writing journey when her husband told her she needed to use her excessive imagination to write stories as opposed to creating a daily narrative for him. Ever since she penned her first words, life has been a lot more peaceful for him.

She currently resides in Texas where she has yet to adapt to the heat. Her husband thrives in it, so unfortunately, they will not be relocating to colder climates anytime soon.

Their two young children would honestly complain either way.

When she is not in her writing cave (hiding from the sun), she enjoys ignoring the world as much as her children will allow with a good book, music, and vast amounts of coffee (until it’s time for wine).

C.D. Britt is the author of Shadows & Vines, Sirens & Leviathans, and the upcoming book, Storms & Embers.

All three books are part of the Reign of Goddesses series.

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