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Review: Small Town EMP: The Complete Series by Grace Hamilton

 Small Town EMP: The Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

Published: October 17, 2019

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


Survive the Chaos
When the lights go out, anarchy reigns supreme.

After journalist Austin Merryman’s wife died, he and his fourteen-year-old daughter left home to travel the country in an old RV. But the comfort and renewal they sought soon descends into chaos.

After a message from an old college buddy leads Austin to a bridge in the middle of nowhere, he finds his friend—now an NSA agent—waiting to give him a USB drive. Before the contents can be explained, machine gun fire strafes the bridge, killing Austin’s friend and forcing Austin into the raging river.

Rescued downstream by a beautiful veterinarian, Austin learns that EMP attacks have thrust the world into eternal darkness—and separated him from the only person he has left. Now, he’ll move heaven and earth to locate his daughter and make it to his brother’s prepper hideaway in Utah.

But the post-apocalyptic world is no longer a friendly place. Resources are growing scarce. Factions break out along ethnic and religious lines. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive in an increasingly hostile environment. And Austin’s daughter is caught right in the middle of this splintering society.

But an even deadlier foe stalks them as they struggle across the landscape. Someone who hasn’t forgotten about the USB drive Austin possesses.

And they’ll do anything to get it back.

Survive the Aftermath
The New World Order is at hand.

Civilization has crumbled since the EMP thrust humanity back into the Stone Age, and dangerous factions now scavenge for scarce resources in this terrifying new world.

Austin Merryman wonders what the future holds for his teenaged daughter, and if the madness surrounding them is even worth surviving. For now, the group is safe in his brother’s prepper house nestled in the Rockies. But the calm can’t last forever. With sixteen people crammed together in the tiny mountain home, tensions are bound to erupt. It doesn’t help that his brother’s lazy friend gets twisted pleasure from stirring up animosity, pitting brother against brother and daughter against father as battle lines are drawn.

But decisions about who stays and who goes are ripped from their hands as information on the USB drive lays bare pieces of the NWO’s plans. Austin realizes the horrifying truth of why he’s in their sights, as well as the danger he’s brought down on those he loves most. When tragedy again strikes the small group, it will be up to Austin to make the hard choices necessary to ensure their survival.

Until a dying man utters the single word that changes everything…

Survive the Conflict

The world has descended into a nightmarish hell. Death and destruction reign at every turn. Everywhere Austin Merryman has led his tightknit group of survivors has gone from bad to worse as enemies pursue them for the intelligence he possesses. Yet, his group remains steadfastly together even as the infighting continues.

It’s only when the cryptologist traveling with them finally breaks through the last coded barrier, exposing the full extent of the data on the mysterious USB drive, that their luck finally seems to be turning. So many have already given their lives to secure the information, and now they know why.

Now, a small window of opportunity remains for stopping the New World Order from succeeding in their plans, but Austin and his cohorts will have to move fast. Once again, splitting up may be their only option, but at what cost? And can they really launch the countermeasures that could take down the NWO’s plan for domination?

But when the enemy closes in and lives of his entire group are threatened, Austin will be forced to choose between his family and the ultimate survival of the entire world…

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My Review:

I love the survival of post-apocalyptic stories. I love how things change. I love to see how people change. If they are going to be good or bad. I like seeing how each individual deals with it all and how they handle the aftermath.

The suspense kept me glued to the pages racing to the end not that I wanted it to end, never, but only because I couldn’t stop as I wanted to know how it was going to turn out.

I know I have said it before but I am going to say it again. I love reading post-apocalyptic stories. I can’t seem to get enough of them. The world-building is spot on. I truly love the world that was created for this series Small Town EMP.

Austin, Amanda, Ennis, Savannah, Malachi, and the rest are just trying to survive in a world gone mad after everything in the world stopped working. They are trying to hack the USB to find out what is on it. They are hoping and believing that whatever is on the USB will save the world and put everything back to the way it was or that is their hope.

Small Town EMP kept me glued to my seat racing to the end to see how it was all going to turn out. I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough as the danger for each of the characters became more deadly. And speaking of endings I was shocked by this one. I just couldn’t believe some of the things that happened. It was surreal.

I highly recommend Small Town EMP to all dystopian and post-apocalyptic fans. Grab a copy of Small Town EMP today!

Survive the Chaos

Small Town EMP #1

After his wife dies Austin and their daughter, Savannah hit the road. They are traveling around in an RV seeing the countryside and dealing with their loss. Savanna has plans to meet a boy, Malachi later but she tells her dad that she is going to get ice cream with the girl who lives on the nearby farm.

Of course, Dad doesn’t believe her. He is sure that she is going to meet a boy but he doesn’t have time to deal with it now as he has to meet an old friend. His friend has something very important to give him. Just how important Austin doesn't know but he soon finds out after he meets his friend and someone starts shooting heavy fire at them. His friend is killed and Austin falls into the river.

Austin washes up in the lake about a mile downstream. A woman, Amanda pulls him out of the water. Austin has broken his leg. Luckily Amanda is a vet. After everything stops working, cars, phones, computers and all electronic equipment all Austin wants to do is go home and check on Savannah. But he is stuck at Amanda’s until he heals enough to make the trip.

Survive the Aftermath

Small Town EMP #2

Survive the Aftermath picks up where Survive the Chaos left off. Austin and Amanda have finally made it to his brother’s cabin. Austin was very glad to see his daughter Savannah had made it.

Austin is still trying to find out what is on that USB. A group of people known as the New World Order is still looking for Austin as they want to get their hands on that USB. What is on that USB? Why do they want it so bad that they are willing to kill for it?

Austin and Amanda are teaching everyone how to defend themselves against the bad people in the world now. Yeah, the world has changed and so have a lot of people. People who are willing to kill to take whatever they want.

Survive the Conflict

Small Town EMP #3

Survive the Conflict takes the characters further into danger as they are still being hunted by the New World Order people who would very much like to take back the USB that Austin got from an old friend and has been running for his life more or less ever since his friend was killed that tragic day.

Austin, Amanda, Ennis, Savannah, Malachi, and the rest are just trying to survive in a world gone mad after everything in the world stopped working. They are trying to hack the USB to find out what is on it. They are hoping and believing that whatever is on the USB it will save the world and put everything back to the way it was or that is their hope.

The group ends up having to split off into two groups. One is led by Austin and the other by Amanda. Savannah decides to take off on her own as she is having a hard time dealing with the loss of a friend. Austin wants to go after her but Malachi convinces him that it would be best if he went. Austin agrees though it is the last thing he wants.

Be sure and check out all the books in the Small Town EMP series.

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Survive the Conflict #3




Small Town EMP: The Complete Series




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