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Review: Zombie Island (Zombie Apocalypse #1) by Samantha Hoffman @SammyHoffman93

Zombie Island

Zombie Apocalypse #1

by Samantha Hoffman

Published: December 25, 2023

Publisher: Red Raven Publishing

Genre: Teen, Young Adult, Zombie, Fiction, Horror, Suspense


Sam has survived months alone at the end of the world–a world destroyed not only by the undead, but those left who are strong enough to do what is necessary to survive. The city has become too dangerous with the looming threat of ex-soldiers that destroy everything in their path. After a chance encounter with them leaves Sam on their hit-list, she flees the city with help from the redneck brothers that saved her. Together with a timid girl rescued from the soldiers, they set out for an island near her hometown–a hopeful refuge from the broken world around them. The journey there is full of threats from zombies and other survivors, but the hope of a home free from constant danger pushes them to keep moving forward.

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My Review:

Zombie Island is the first book in the Zombie Apocalypse series by Samantha Hoffman. I love zombies so when I came across Zombie Island I knew I had to read it. I can’t ever seem to get enough zombies.

Zombie Island is more than just zombies though as it tells a story about how people live in an apocalypse. I do believe that some of the things that happened in Zombie Island would probably be what would happen if it were real.

There were some very mean men in Zombie Island. Men took women captive and did what they wanted to them and when they were through with them and they were no longer any use to them they took even more from them they took their lives. These men beat and used these women until they were through with them. If the women fought back too hard then their lives were taken sooner.

My favorite parts were the zombie fighting. I loved how the author described the zombies and the condition they would most likely be in after they had been dead for a while. There was plenty of gore and gruesomeness. Yes, I loved it.

A young woman and survivor, Sam lived alone after the world came to an end and the zombies now walked the Earth. She knew that it was about time she found a new place to live before the soldiers or at least they probably were soldiers at one time found her. After the world ended some thought they could do as they pleased now since there was no longer any law to stop them.

Sam knew that it was only a matter of time before they found her. If they did she would not live long after. Sam was out one day gathering more supplies for her trip when she ran into some of these guys and they caught her. Sam fought them with everything she had but she was not strong enough to get away.

But never fear two brothers Ryder and Reese saved Sam from these bad guys. Sam took them back to her place. Sam, Ryder, and Reese decide the best solution for them is to go live on an island. An island would be a great place to live in an apocalypse especially after you kill off the zombies, right?

Was there any love sparking between Sam, Ryder, or Reese? Oh, yeah there was but the question is which of the brothers does Sam choose? Well, just ask Sam herself by reading her story in Zombie Island!

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