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Review of Nessa: A Breeders Story By Katie French

Nessa: A Breeders Story

Nessa: A Breeders Story
By Katie French
Series: Breeders
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia
Number of Pages: 34
Published: February 1st 2013


Book Description from Goodreads:

Eighteen-year-old Nessa knows what it’s like to be an endangered species. Grown up in a dying world where nine out of ten babies are born male, she survives by trusting no one. When Marlin, the nineteen-year-old gunslinger with the sky-blue eyes, kills the man who has been keeping her enslaved, Nessa decides this handsome stranger might be her meal ticket. What she doesn’t realize is love is still possible, even in their decimated world. When Nessa discovers she’s pregnant with Marlin’s child, her difficult life now teeters on a knife’s edge. Can she bear to bring a child into their shattered world? Better yet, can Marlin keep them safe from those that hunt Nessa?

A companion story to The Breeders, this prequel novelette (34 pages or 10,000 words) explores the origins of two important characters and gives a deeper look into their background. It contains minor spoilers to the novel and is intended for mature teens and adults.

My Review:

Nessa lives in a world where women are all but extinct and nine out ten babies born are male. Women who are of breeding age are taken away by the Breeders to a hospital to be used as a breeding machine. Women are worth a large amount of money. Some men if they find a woman will take her and sell her to the Breeders and some will hold them hostage for their own needs. Nessa doesn't know who to trust or if there is anyone she can trust. Big Mike kept Nessa tied up and treated her like a slave and used her for several months. Along came Marlin who rescued her from Big Mike she wasn't sure if she was any better off or not but at least she had better sleeping accommodations.

When Nessa became pregnant she hid it from Marlin she didn't know what he would do. She was afraid that he would leave her or maybe even be mad at her and hit her. How wrong she was, Marlin was very happy about the baby he would say "my boy". Nessa finally realized that what she was feeling for Marlin was love. She had gone and fell in love with him. She never thought that she would ever love anyone. She didn't think that there was a man left alive that was nice enough to love and she never thought she would love someone. No wonder she felt like this with all that she had endured through her life. Always having to hide and stay away from people knowing they would sell her.

I love reading about this world where women are almost an endangered species. I love the world that Katie French has created. I can't image living in a world where women didn't have to wear makeup or dress up to impress men or to get men to want them. A world where women ran away from and hide from men. I am still waiting for the next book in the Breeders series and can't wait to read it. I know that it will be as good as The Breeders and Nessa's story.

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