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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Dark Glitter by Tate James & C.M. Stunich @CMStunich @XpressoTours

Dark Glitter
C.M. Stunich & Tate James
Publication date: January 24th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

Ciarah O’Rourke was born into torture.
A human spirit reincarnated in the body of an ancient fae goddess, she’s spent the last five years in iron shackles, her mind poisoned with magic for secrets she doesn’t know.

Waking up in a dirty alley with no memory of her escape, Ciarah finds herself in the hands of The Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club–a ruthless and violent group of bikers with faerie blood in their veins.

Arlo. Reece. Killian.
Three men drenched in death, sin, and old magic.
From their clubhouse in the middle of the Louisiana bayou, they’ll offer Ciarah the keys to unlock her memories and control the veil between worlds. But even her knights can’t erase the twisted scars that remind her they aren’t the only ones who hunt.

When The Wild Hunt rides, the souls of the dead join their parade.
All that’s missing now is their queen.

My Review:

Ciarah O’Rourke wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She is lucky though as there is a nice young woman in the alley who takes Ciarah under her wing and takes her home with her or to her brother’s place, the Wild Hunt Motorcycle club where she meets all the members of the club.

 Ciarah didn’t just wake up in that alley with her memory gone but she woke up with her body covered in bruises and blood with her voice gone. Ciarah has no idea what happened to her but her memories are coming back to her in bits and pieces. She soon learns that she is the veil keeper and that she is the protector of the veil and the fae. The fae is dying and she must find a way to save them.

After meeting the guys at the club Ciarah wants all of them as her lovers. Ciarah tells the guys that they belong to her; all of them do, every guy in the club is hers and hers alone and she will not share with anyone.

At first, I thought of Ciarah as a smarta** little b*tch who is very possessive. I was like who is this little b*tch think she is that she can come into someone’s home and claim every guy there and then forbid them from being with anyone else? The more I read I begun to see that she was not like that at all. She was just laying claim to what belonged to her. She was acting no different than a woman/wife who lays claim to her man/husband. You know; he belongs to her and she is just saying or showing how much she loves him and I thought that is no different than what Ciarah is doing with her men.  

Dark Glitter is filled with all sorts of paranormal, magical creatures; there are fae, fairies, werewolves, sprites and, witches. There is so much suspense in Dark Glitter that it will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next.

There are plenty of hot scenes that will keep you turning the pages just to see which one of the guys Ciarah picks next. No one in Ciarah’s world seems to be a bit shy when it comes to taking their clothes off or who is watching them when they decide to bump uglies with someone. No, they have no quarrels with who they do the dirty in front of or with who. This has been a fun little ride one in which I truly enjoyed and hope to see more of. I like to see a bada** chic who takes charge.

I would recommend Dark Glitter to anyone who likes a little suspense mixed in with their paranormal creatures along with their magical powers and some very hot scenes with some very hot guys. 

Author Bio:

Tate James was born and raised in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) but now lives in Australia with her husband, baby and furbaby.
She is a lover of books, red wine, cats and coffee and is not a morning person. She is a bit too sarcastic and swears too much for polite society and definitely tells too many dirty jokes.

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C.M. Stunich is a self-admitted bibliophile with a love for exotic teas and a whole host of characters who live full time inside the strange, swirling vortex of her thoughts. Some folks might call this crazy, but Caitlin Morgan doesn’t mind – especially considering she has to write biographies in the third person. Oh, and half the host of characters in her head are searing hot bad boys with dirty mouths and skillful hands (among other things). If being crazy means hanging out with them everyday, C.M. has decided to have herself committed.

She hates tapioca pudding, loves to binge on cheesy horror movies, and is a slave to many cats. When she’s not vacuuming fur off of her couch, C.M. can be found with her nose buried in a book or her eyes glued to a computer screen. She’s the author of over thirty novels – romance, new adult, fantasy, and young adult included. Please, come and join her inside her crazy. There’s a heck of a lot to do there.

Oh, and Caitlin loves to chat (incessantly), so feel free to e-mail her, send her a Facebook message, or put up smoke signals. She’s already looking forward to it.

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