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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: Waking to Black by V.H. Luis @VH_Luis_ @GoddessFish

Waking to Black
by V.H. Luis
GENRE:   Erotic Romance


He shattered my defenses, and I was fragile to begin with…

The first time I saw Adam Black, I was between the arms of a criminal, a gun to my throat and even then, I knew I was staring at the most dangerous man in the room.

Maybe it was his confident, cerulean eyes, or the sex appeal radiating from his pores like heat waves on a scorching day, but by proximity alone he made my vision blur and my heart stammer.

The day I was nearly killed in a bank hold-up, I began to live—because of him.

Now, I’m praying for the first time in years, hoping the scars of my past, the secrets I keep, don’t interfere with my future…


I close my eyes and bend my knees—or at least I think I am. I’m finding it hard to breathe, and the room is spinning. I must not be moving fast enough because the next thing I know, the man with the big gun grabs me and shoves the cold tip of the barrel against my neck.

This is how it ends? A pang of regret stabs deep within my belly. I wonder who will feed my cat when I’m gone, and the pathetic nature of that last thought is sobering. I haven’t accomplished much in the last twenty-four years. My eyes begin to water, and my vision clouds.

“Hey, take it easy,” a much calmer voice calls out from behind me.

I try to focus on the deep tenor of this stranger, who to my shock is defying a man with a gun, but my senses aren’t cooperating.

Using me as a shield, my captor spins me and I get a blurry first look at my would-be hero. Through pooling tears, I see he’s dressed in an expensive black suit, a crisp white shirt, and a solid black tie. He has hair the color of dark coffee, and because he defies the order to hug the floor, I notice he’s tall. His sapphire eyes lock on mine, urging me to breathe, and for a split-second I forget I’m in the arms of a lunatic because it’s this stranger’s gaze holding me hostage.

Though his hands are in the air, like everyone else’s, he seems to be humoring the robber rather than obeying him out of fear. And while not armed, his calm demeanor is more threatening than the creep jamming a gun against my throat. It’s as if under the fa├žade of composure something dark and dangerous lingers—the insight makes me tremble.

Interview with V.H. Luis 

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1)?

The Uninhibited Trilogy is an erotic/contemporary romance series that follows the love affair of Evelyn Snow and Adam Black.

Evelyn is a twenty-four year old art teacher who for the last few years (due to past tragedies), has struggled to cope not only with the everyday reality of her monotonous life but her inability to truly reign-in her self-destructive tendencies.

Adam is a thirty-four year old real-estate mogul who seemingly has it all—wealth, social standing, the admiration of men and the attention of any woman he sets eyes on.

The truth is both Evelyn and Adam’s past has scarred and inhibited them, making it so that neither is fulfilled at the start of the trilogy.

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

Book two of the Uninhibited Trilogy will be release August 2018. Currently, I’m working with my editor to polish that manuscript. I personally hate waiting for the completion of a series, so I’m very keen on getting all three books of this series out as soon as possible.

How long would you say it takes you to write a book?

Writing the book is usually not the issue for me. Normally I can get the first draft done in three months—at least that has been my experience with this series. However, editing can take a long time. Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1), took me forever to edit and polish and I think in large part it’s because I’m a perfectionist and this is my debut book.

Fortunately, Fading to Black (Uninhibited #2), has been a pleasure to edit. According to my editor the story has flowed beautifully and the edits are minor.

What is your favorite childhood book?

To quote one of my favorite movies, Ever After, “I could no sooner pick a star in the heavens…” I will however name a few.

I fell in love with C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia when I was around seven. I devoured David Eddings The Belgariad and The Malorean when I was fourteen. And Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy, blew my mind at sixteen.

If you could spend the day with one of the characters from Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1), who would it be? Please tell us why you chose this particular character, where you would go and what you would do.

Adam Black, without a doubt! He’s sexy, assertive, and ambitious. I pick him for the same reason I would pick Gideon Cross from Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series and the slew of other book boyfriends I’m constantly reading about—not only for their sex-appeal but because they are intelligent and driven.

What was the hardest scene from Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1) to write?

Answering this question would be revealing too much. Suffice to say that towards the end of this book, Evelyn is faced with an event that parallels an experience she’s had in her past. The scene was so hard to write I rewrote it multiple times. For those who are curious, you’ll come across this scene in (Chapter Twenty-One).

What made you want to become a writer?

I’ve always pursued creative endeavors and I think that is in large part because my father was a very creative individual. I also think that my mother’s persistence in reading to me and taking me to local libraries/book stores made books such a huge part of my everyday life.

However, after really thinking hard about this question, I think my experience, of being part of an online roleplaying community, made writing an attainable dream. That type of community was very much about shared storytelling—the story moved due to the actions and dialogue supplied by many people. In doing this I realized how much I loved telling a story and I was able to transition from avid-reader to writer.

Just for fun

(a Favorite song: I honestly don’t have one… I love so many. Some of my favorites in regards to Waking to Black (Uninhibited #1), are described on my website.

(b Favorite book: Again, it’s so hard to pick just one… I am a HUGE Julie Garwood fan—if I had the opportunity to meet her I’d probably faint. So, I’ll pick Ransom from her Highlands’ Lairds Series. It’s such a comfort read for me.

(c Favorite movie: I love Pretty Woman.

(d Favorite tv show: I honestly rather read a book than watch T.V. However, if I need that type of escape I’ll probably watch a Spanish Telenovela… which is basically a Spanish Soap-opera. I blame my abuela (grandmother)!

(e Favorite Food: Anything Italian!

(f Favorite drink: It’s so unhealthy but I really like Coca-Cola.

(g Favorite website: This changes regularly for me… I’ll go with youtube since that seems to be a constant source of entertainment for me. I like music videos.

Thanks so much for visiting with us today!

Thank you so much for having me! It’s been fun.

V.H. Luis

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

V.H. Luis is the author of the Black Series, an erotic romance trilogy that follows the love affair of Evelyn Snowe and Adam Black. Her debut book WAKING to Black, will be released in 2018, and the subsequent sequels FADING to Black, and SURRENDERING to Black, will follow shortly thereafter.

Welcome to my internet haven!
I’m a born and bred Miami Girl—and proud of it! I would wear shorts and flip-flops everyday of the week if I could. Growing up in Miami, surrounded by my parent’s heritage has made me proud of my Cuban ancestry. Cafecito and a guava pastry for breakfast? Yes, please! Salsa music while I tidy the house? Of course.
If I’m not busy scribbling notes about the story pounding out of my head, I’m painting, listening to music, or spending time with the love of my life—my son. If I decide to travel, I bring the whole family (in-laws included), or at least I try to, because life is too short not to spend it with family; one of the many lessons my father taught me.

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