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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: Death O Death by Ellie Douglas @AuthorEllie @RABTBookTours

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Date Published: 31st October

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A collection of ten horror short stories, everything from the macabre to the down right disgusting.

Short Stories Include:

Why aren’t you scared


Don’t look under the bed

Trick or Treat.





Can you Imagine

Point of no return

Each of the stories are unique and filled with terrifying, gruesome tales that are sure to rise your blood pressure. Lovers of monsters, the unexplained, serial killing maniacs and much more. Sink your teeth in and be in for a treat this Halloween.

Interview with Ellie Douglas

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Death O Death.

That is a little tricky given that there is ten short stories within this novel. Some of the characters die, some survive. I know that isn’t saying much, nor is it answering your question, but truthfully, with ten stories and x amount of characters per story it is not possible to list them all. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

I’m not currently writing at the moment, but do have plans for a full novel and another short story collection.

How long would you say it takes you to write a book?

If given the time I can get a book done in six months to a year. It depends on the size, editing, proof reading, beta readers etc.

What is your favorite childhood book?

Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.

If you could spend the day with one of the characters from Death O Death, who would it be? Please tell us why you chose this particular character, where you would go and what you would do.

Good question, again tricky because of the amount of different stories within the book. I think I would have to go with the story titled ‘Trick or Treat’ and the character would be Jasmine. Why I have chosen her, is because she is strong, sassy, and down to earth, kind and loyal. I think her and I would have a fun day at Disney Land, followed with some late night market shopping.

What was the hardest scene from Death O Death, to write?

I didn’t find any scene particularly difficult. Given what I write, gore, I honestly can say I didn’t find anything difficult about writing those stories.

What made you want to become a writer?

Mostly because I love to scare people, but also I wanted to have a taste of the 80’s incorporated into my books. The horror movies from the 80s that is.

Just for fun

(a Favorite song: Dua Lipa IDGAF

(b Favorite book: Stephen Kings Misery

(c Favorite movie: Gosh, just one? I have way too many; right now, it would be Kilo Two Bravo, an excellent war movie.

(d Favorite tv show: Again, just the one? LOL gosh, I’d have to say, The Walking Dead

(e Favorite Food: Chicken

(f Favorite drink:  Coffee

(g Favorite website: Gosh, I don’t actually have a favorite website. If it was a social media website, I’d easily have said, twitter.

Thanks so much for visiting with us today! 

About the Author

Born and raised in New Zealand, a mother and wife who donates what spare time she has into volunteer work with Autistic children.

Ellie Douglas is addicted to horror, everything about it she loves. She enjoys creating strong characters that rise to the top from ordinary lives.

Her love affair with horror has seen her produce three award winning horror books.

Ellie is creative in all aspects with several adult coloring books and an online casino slot game under her belt. She is constantly striving to do more. Ellie also makes professional book covers for authors and has helped people with making them a websites, banners, and logos.

Ellie’s ultimate aim is to give back, paying it forward and to constantly better herself. To give the audience amazing entertaining stories that she herself would read.

She would love to scare you…

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