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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Sunscorched by Jen Crane @JenCraneBooks @yaboundtourspr

Jen Crane
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic
Release Date: October 23rd 2018


Death in daylight. Danger at dark.

Life can’t possibly get more treacherous than a violent sun allergy in a solar-blighted world. At least that’s what seventeen-year-old Nori Chisholm thought before news of an impending sunscorch delivered her death sentence.

Desperate to survive the scorch, she’s forced to shelter underground and discovers a secret subterranean world where life is hard, and so are the people. Betrayed and left for dead by the man who pledged to help her, Nori is sold to a gritty pit fighting ring. There she makes a friend—and plenty of enemies.

Sam Cooper’s motives are at times impenetrable, but speeding through the underground world on the back of his motorcycle is a dark freedom Nori can’t live without. On the run from a group of cutthroat rogues, their escape takes an unexpected twist. A shocking discovery shatters everything they thought they knew. Can they use the knowledge to save what’s left of the world?

Winner of the Rosemary Award for excellence in young adult fiction, Sunscorched is a tale of survival and self-discovery at breakneck speed. Fans of Bella Forrest and Marie Lu, who crave dangerous heroes and dark secrets, will love the Sunscorched world.

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My Review:

Seventeen-year-old Nori Chisholm can’t go out in the daytime as she is allergic to the sun. If she is caught out in the daylight she will burn to death. No she is not a vampire; no she is just a normal girl who has to live in the dark. Nori likes to run but can only go out at night if she wants to live and she only has a few hours of dark so she has to make her journeys short and sweet. The dark may keep Nori alive but there are things in the dark that can cause her harm like other humans that are out for their selves only.

Nori and her family get word of a sunscorch on its way that will be the end of Nori’s life. Nori is forced to take cover underground until the sunscorch is over. Nori finds a whole new world underground that she had no idea exists. Nori and her parents thinks she will be safe with the guy they hire to show her where to go and show her around but when they get underground he abandons her. The people who find her sells her to this guy who takes humans as slave and fights them.

Nori meets this big guy who takes a liking to her and helps to protect her from others who may harm her. I fell in love with Kade from the beginning and was hoping that Nori and Kade would be a couple but Kade already has someone special in his life. But never fear Kade is not the only dude that Nori meets. Nori has more people on her side than she ever knew. There are more people out there with good hearts than she ever thought possible.

While underground secrets start to unfold and Nori starts to see the truth behind what makes their world the way it is and that danger for everyone above is in imminent danger and that things are not as they seem. Nori and her new friends are racing against the clock to make it above ground to save the people.

I love stories like Sunscorched and the worlds they live in like the post-apocalyptic. The world that was created for Sunscorched was unlike any I have read before and I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the next book.

I would highly recommend Sunscorched to all fans of the post-apocalyptic worlds and thrillers as well. 

About the Author
Though she grew up on a working cattle ranch, it's fantasy and sci-fi that shine Jen Crane's saddle. Her newest novel, Sunscorched, received the 2017 Rosemary Award for excellence in young adult fiction.

Book 2 in Jen's fantasy romance series, Descended of Dragons, was selected by iTunes/iBooks as "Our Pick" in fantasy/sci-fi.

Jen has a master’s degree and solid work histories in government and non-profit administration. But just in the nick of time she pronounced life *too real* for nonfiction. She now creates endearing characters and alternate realms filled with adventure, magic, and love. She lives in The South with her family and too many pets.

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