Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Review: Beauty and the Jinx: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Jinxed by Love Book 1) by Cherie Marks @CherieMarks

Beauty and the Jinx:
Magic and Mayhem Universe
(Jinxed by Love Book 1)
by Cherie Marks

Published: October 22, 2018
Publisher: Cherie Marks
Genre: Magic, Witches, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance


Ivy Nyx is one hot golfing witchy woman, but lately, her game is just a little bit off somehow. Nothing is going right, and she's starting to believe she must be jinxed.

Zayn Gray is a warlock on the edge.  The strong magic he represses inside him is about to explode now that his only method of release has been taken from him. It doesn't help that the beauty who snuck into his garden always brings out the beast in him.

Golf links, flirty winks, and an untimely jinx--who knew playing around could be so tricky for this Beauty and the Jinx?

My Review:

Ivy Nyx loves playing golf and his gearing up for the magic tournament with her trusty friend and caddie when she knocks her golf ball over a fence into a warlock’s yard.  Ivy must have that particular ball back as it is her lucky ball. So she sneaks into his yard hoping to retrieve her lucky ball but she runs into more than she bargained for. Ivy just may have run into something a little bit over her head and it may cost her more than she can give to get out of.

Ivy and this warlock Zayn Gray are magically sucked into another universe and they may be stuck there for all eternity if they don’t find a way out soon. Zayn is a warlock with some powerful magic that he hasn’t used in a long time due to some unforetold circumstances.

Ivy and Zayn have no idea what is waiting for them in this other universe. There are monsters and creatures and magic all around waiting and watching just trying to get their hands on Ivy and Zayn. Ivy and Zayn must find a way home before one of the creatures finds them or it could spell disaster for the both of them. Can they find a way home? Will one of the creatures that is waiting for them find them first? What are they going to do? Will they get out with their lives?

I don’t read many books like the Magic and Mayhem Universe but I have to say if a book has Cherie Marks’ name on it then I have to read it and I don’t even need a blurb. I love Cherie’s witty comments or her characters witty comments that is. I love the worlds that she creates for all of her stories. They are magical and out of this world (no pun intended of course).

Ivy and Zayn are both very likable characters. Zayn is one of those characters whom you feel as if you should not like him but for some reason you can’t do that.

I would recommend Beauty and the Jinx to anyone who loves magic, witches, romance and the paranormal. 


It all started with an old fashioned typewriter. When my family brought it home, I knew what I wanted to do. All those stories rolling around in my head could finally get out. The press and click of the keys were satisfying in their own right, but when I pulled out a finished page, I knew this was for me. Since then, I’ve graduated to a laptop, but the stories still find a way out.

I’m a breast cancer survivor, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and from the very beginning—a storyteller. Always a hint humorous and honest to a fault, I love to make people laugh, smile, and have “a-ha” moments. My goal in life is to achieve tact and stop procrastinating. The battle wages on.