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Review: Aftershock (Blood Never Lies #2) by Dianna Hardy @TheWitchingPen

Aftershock: an Eye of the Storm Companion Novel
Blood Never Lies #2
by Dianna Hardy

Published: October 30, 2018
Publisher: Bitten Fruit Books / Satin Smoke Press
Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Werewolves, Dark Fantasy


Aftershock is a companion novel to the Eye of the Storm series and also acts as a PREQUEL to a brand new series to come. You don't have to read Eye of the Storm to enjoy this novel (some background is given). However, we always recommend you do in order to gain full understanding of how the characters have arrived at this point.

Self-sufficient and travellers at heart, Pete and Claire packed bags five years ago and headed on a journey that would change their lives forever.

After the unexpected death of her childhood best friend, Sarah, Claire has nurtured both an open wound, and Sarah's baby - a miracle born on her deathbed.

Pete has been nothing short of a father to baby Jasmine, and partner to Claire, the werewolf in him one of the few things in the world Claire connects with.

However, despite their love for their adopted daughter and each other, fate's about to test the foundation they've built. Jasmine has been having episodes - seizures - the doctors aren't sure exactly what they are, or what triggers their onset, but when a little boy is hurt by Jasmine's hand they can no longer wait for answers. They consider taking to the road once more believing a life of travel might be safer than planting roots.

But there's a Supermoon coming - the first in thirty years - and with it, a total lunar eclipse. Pete can feel the charge in the air, and it seems, so too, can Jasmine. With her terrible, secret legacy threatening to break through the shadows, Pete and Claire have a devastating reality to face.

Can you ever escape what you truly are?

Blood never lies.

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My Review:

After her best friend Sarah died in childbirth five years ago Claire and Pete take Sarah’s baby girl, Jasmine and hit the road. They are trying to keep Jasmine safe and hidden from the people who would cause her harm or worse. Claire and Pete have tried to be the best parents they know how to this beautiful little girl. One day they decide that Jasmine needs more than a life traveling from one state to another that she needs a stable life one where she can go to school and have friends her own age to play with.

Pete and Claire settle down with their baby girl hoping they are doing the right thing by her. They enroll Jasmine in school and she gains two best friends in no time. Then one day Jasmine becomes sad. Pete and Claire try their best to find out why she is so sad and help her. Jasmine has a lot of secrets to keep inside that are too big for one little girl.

Claire and Pete start to make a life for Jasmine and they meet some new friends of their own, friends that they believe they can trust and trust with their little girl but when things take a turn for the worse they begin to wonder if settling down was the right thing to do. They begin to think that the best thing to do is go back on the road traveling from town to town and not staying in one place for very long. They have to do what is right for their little girl and what will keep her safe.

Claire and Pete make wonderful parents for Jasmine. Their hearts are filled with so much love for one little girl and each other. Jasmine is such a sweet beautiful little girl who touches your heart right from the beginning. Aftershock is filled with so much emotion and love. Dianna knows how to create characters that just jump off the page at you and make you feel so much for these characters and makes you feel what they feel. You just want to pick that little girl up in your arms and squeeze her to death as the saying goes. Claire and Pete make great parents and I hope to see more children in their future together.

Aftershock is an amazing read with so much love and warmth that feels you up and bubbles over. I can’t wait to see the next chapter in Jasmine, Claire and Pete’s life. What does this sweet little girl have waiting for us in the next book?

Do I recommend Aftershock? You bet I do. And to whom would I recommend Aftershock? Well, to all fans of the paranormal, werewolves, and fantasy filled with love.

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About The Author:

Dianna Hardy photo DiannaHardyColourPortfolioSmall.jpg

International bestselling author of
The Witching Pen series, and the Eye Of The Storm series.

" “I write both full-length novels and short fiction. As a writer, I like my stories to move along at lightning speed without compromising character build-up, and I like some humour entwined in them too. My books are fast-paced, and I liken reading a good novella to watching a TV episode of a series – something's happening in every scene and there's always one hell of an ending!”

Dianna combines a titillating mix of contemporary and paranormal romance, as well as urban and dark fantasy, into her writing, to bring you stories that are action-packed, fastpaced and not short of heat, with the focus on both character development and the plot. She writes full-length novels and short fiction. She has also written poetry (first published in 1997) and esoteric books and articles. Nowadays, she chooses to concentrate on writing fiction. 

In December 2012, Releasing The Wolf hit the Kindle Paranormal Fantasy charts in both the US and the UK, where it stayed for three months, enjoying a highest ranking of #20. The first two books in the Eye of The Storm series have enjoyed success in the top 100 of Fantasy charts on Kindle US and Kindle UK, and all books in the series to date have reached the top 100 of the Fantasy iTunes charts in Netherlands, Norway, Australia and the UK, with Heart Of The Wolf (book 3) reaching #1 in Denmark. The Witching Pen series, 'Til Death Do Us Part and A Silver Kiss, have also hit the top 100 of Kindle and iBooks charts (Fantasy, Romance and Horror) in a number of different countries worldwide. 

Although quite active online, Dianna prefers the quiet company of nature and animals to the hustle and bustle of people. She loves anything paranormal (she doesn't really consider it "para"), organic food, walking barefoot, the smell of the woods after rain, and summer days. 

However, she is also sustained by coffee, chocolate and the occasional vodka. 

She currently lives in Surrey (United Kingdom) with her partner and their daughter, where she writes full-time.