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Blog Tour: First Full Moon by Michelle Alstead @alsteadmichelle @yaboundtourspr

First Full Moon
Michelle Alstead
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: August 28th 2018


More secrets. More lies. I'm going to die.

She wanted a car for her sixteenth birthday, not magical powers… Candy McGregor is a teenager living in Sequim Falls, a small East Coast town, where the McGregors own just about everything. While her grandmother grooms her to run the family business—a pharmaceutical empire—Candy dreams of a life where she’s known as more than just a last name. When the monthly family dinner turns into a horror show, Candy discovers the McGregors aren’t so much blessed as they are cursed. At midnight on her sixteenth birthday, Candy inherits both the ability to do magic and the destiny to become a wolf on the next full moon. There is hope of a life that doesn’t require being chained up once a month. If Candy can undo the original spell that created the curse, she can rid the world of werewolves and remain a witch. But there’s one really big problem. Not everyone hates being a wolf. With the next full moon looming, Candy must take on forces that will do anything to stop her. Will she break the curse or surrender to life as a monster?

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Interview with Michelle Alstead

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in First Full Moon?
Candy is the heroine of the story. She’s struggling to overcome circumstances she was born into. She very much wants to get out from under the shadow of her family and strike out on her own. She belongs to a very big family with a lot of cousins but her “pack” really consists of her cousins: Larkin, Bennett, and Jasper. Each of which have their own personalities. They’re all working toward one common goal: break the curse but their reasons for doing so are different.
Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?
I’m currently finishing “The Last Piece” which is a Christian romance novel and the second novel in the “Bright Lights” due out December 1st.
How long would you say it takes you to write a book?
When I’m inspired, I can write a novel in a month.
What is your favorite childhood book?
The Chronicles of Narnia
If you could spend the day with one of the characters from First Full Moon who would it be?
I would hang out with Larkin, Candy’s cousin and best friend.
Please tell us why you chose this particular character, where you would go and what you would do.
I think Larkin and I would go shopping. She’s one of my favorite characters because she has no fear and very much accepts who she is. She also makes bold fashion choices.
What was the hardest scene from First Full Moon to write?
The climax where Candy experiences a great loss toward the end was the hardest. The book didn’t originally end that way.
What made you want to become a writer?
It’s a calling, not a choice.

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About the Author

Michelle Alstead is a single, divorced mom of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who tries to promote autism awareness and advocate for gender equality while raising Sheldon Cooper and searching for some semblance of a love life.

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klahaneridge said...

I enjoyed the author interview, & The Chronicles of Narnia was among my childhood favorites as well! This book looks like a good one - I’ll have to check it out!