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Review: No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling @GearTurns

No Rest for the Wicked
Mistress of None #1
by Phoebe Darqueling
Published: March 28, 2019
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical


Other people just think they’re “haunted by the past.” In Vi’s case, it’s true.

Clairvoyant Viola Thorne wants to forget about her days of grifting and running errands for ghosts. The problem? Playing it safe is dull. So when a dead stranger begs for her help, Vi jumps at the chance to dust off her hustling skills. The unlikely companions are soon tangling with bandits, cheating at cards, and loving every minute.

Then she finds out who referred him, and Vi has to face both a past and ex-partner that refuse to stay buried. Though she betrayed Peter, his spirit warns her of the plot that cost him his life. Vi’s guilty conscience won’t let her rest until she solves his murder. Though she’s spent her whole life fighting the pull of the paranormal, it holds the key to atoning for the only deception she’s ever regretted—breaking Peter’s heart.

My Review:

Viola Thorne, Vi can see and hear ghosts she has been trying to ignore them for a long time. The ghosts needs Vi’s help with whatever unfinished business they may have here so they can cross over to the other side or wherever they may go. Vi ignores all the ghost until one day when a ghost Tobias shows up needing her help to save his wife Bonnie from some evil men.

Then one day someone from her past shows up to haunt her. Vi’s friend and ex-partner Peter turns up as a ghost to warn Vi about the death of her husband and to advise her not to return home. But Vi thinks that it is best to return home and face the music.

Everywhere she turns ghosts seem to pop up needing her help even on trip to New Orleans. Vi, Bonnie and Peter all take a train to New Orleans to take care of a little business. Vi runs into more ghosts on the train who need her help to cross over. To help the ghosts cross over Vi must do a little investigation to learn the ghosts unfinished business. Danger is lurking on the train for Vi. Someone or is it a ghost that is trying to harm Vi? Why would anyone want to hurt Vi?

I really enjoyed reading No Rest for the Wicked and getting to know all the characters and the ghost. I loved reading about someone being able to talk to ghost. There is action and suspense to keep you hooked from beginning to end. I really felt bad for some of the ghost. Their stories was heart breaking.

I would recommend No Rest for the Wicked to anyone who likes a good ghost story with action and suspense.

About the Author:

Phoebe Darqueling is the pen name of a globe trotting vagabond who currently hangs her hat in Freiburg, Germany. In her “real life” she writes curriculum for a creativity competition for kids in MN and edits academic texts for non-native English speakers. She loves all things Steampunk and writes about her obsession on During 2017, she coordinated a Steampunk novel through the Collaborative Writing Challenge called Army of Brass, and also loves working with authors as an editor. Her solo novels Riftmaker and No Rest for the Wicked debuted in 2019. You can find her short stories in the Chasing Magic and The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales anthologies so far, and she’ll be featured in an upcoming collection called Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages in November 2019. She's an equal opportunity Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly fan, but her favorite pastime is riffing on terrible old movies a la Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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