Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Review: Undying Witch by B. Austin @MagicProse

Undying Witch
by B. Austin
Published: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Spell Bound Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Witches


"I will live forever. If I could make you, my daughter, live longer than a human, I would. I do not want to be alone again."


The last of her gypsy family, DIMA seems doomed to live life as a mere fortune-teller. until she steals the Starostavne Books of Magical Spells and Enchantments. Monks wrote the wizardry books long ago. In the Tree of Life Magic and Time Spells book, Dima learns the secret of never aging.

Years later, Dima's teenage daughter resents a mother who is 112 years old but shifts into a woman young enough to be her sister. MEDEA loathes a mother who loves her 17 cats more than she does her daughter. Medea despises a mother who claims all witchcraft as her magic and treats her daughter like a slave. In secret, Medea develops her own sorcery.

My Review:

98 year-old Dema is a witch who wants to stay young forever and is always looking for a way to make this happen with magic or without. She finds want she has always been looking for when she steals Starostavne Books of Magical Spells and Enchantments from the Monks. In one of the books the Tree of Life Magic and Time Spells she finds a magical spell where she can stay young and hopefully live forever.

Young Dema has a thing for young, pretty, hot men and she knows just how to get her way with the men. When Dema moves to America she finds herself to be with child. She knows not who the father is as she is never short of a young hot man in her bed.

Many years later when Dema’s daughter Medea is in her teens she doesn’t like her mother very well as she thinks Dema doesn’t care for her very much or at least she has never shown her or told her if she did. Medea is jealous of her mother and starts to rebel I guess you could say by practicing magic without her mother’s knowledge.

I felt bad for both Dema and Medea as neither one of them knew how to reach out to the other to show their true affection or feelings to each other or anyone. Dema raised Medea the only way she knew how and that is probably the way she was raised because it was all she knew.

Undying Witch is a great introduction into a new world of witches; a world that I am anxiously awaiting to explore more of in the rest of the six books plus one that the author has planned. It is filled with so much action and magic that kept me hooked from the first page. Undying Witch is a fast paced enthralling read that once I picked it up I could not put it down until I had read the last page.

Undying Witch is one book that I highly recommend to all fans of witches, fantasy and the paranormal. One click yourself a copy today and join Dema as makes her way from Russia to America and her life in America with her baby girl Medea.

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