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Review: The Unicorn Key (Realm of Light and Fire Book 1) by J.A. Culican & J.A. Armitage @jaculican @ArmitageAuthor

The Unicorn Key
Realm of Light and Fire Book 1
by J.A. Culican & J.A. Armitage
Published: December 1, 2019
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale


I was born with a secret. The problem was, I didn't know it...

Not until two weirdoes turned up at my door asking to speak to my grandfather. My grandfather that had been mute since a stroke five years ago. When he uttered his first words in years to them asking us to find Cassiopeia, I found myself leaving the comfort of the only home I'd ever known and embarking on a quest with the strangest couple of people I'd ever met.

As elusive as they are strange, I only followed in the hope that whoever Cassiopeia was, she would help my grandfather. However these two are looking for a rare diamond and my own quest means nothing to them. They are hiding secrets of their own, secrets that neither is willing to share.

Thankfully, they enlist a navigator to help them through the perilous terrain, a local bad boy and money grabber only interested in one thing...and no it isn't me.

With the three of them dead set on finding the diamond and me out to find Cassie, tension is high, and it's not helping that the dark fae know we are looking and will stop at nothing to keep hold of the diamond. Add unicorns, mages, evil gryphons and dragon shifters into the mix and soon my life takes on a terrifying turn, which nothing has prepared me for.

The Unicorn key is an electrifying first in series by the USA Today Bestselling authors who brought you the Dragon Tamer series. Realm of Light and Fire is guaranteed to have you hiding under your duvet with your flashlight, turning the pages.

My Review:

We have four young people who are complete strangers, Freya, River, Opal and Jet who embark on a journey together each with their own mission to accomplish.

Freya is going to look for a woman, Cassiopeia, Freya believes this woman can help her Grandfa who had a stroke about five years ago and has not spoken since. Freya would do anything to have her Grandfa back again.

Opal and Jet are looking for a rare and beautiful diamond. Opal and Jet seem to have an air of mystery about them as if they have a lot of secrets. What could they be hiding? Is it good or bad?

River is hired by Opal and Jet to be their guide on their journey. Freya is very suspicious of River and believes that he has other reasons for going along than just being their guide. She believes that he may be a con artist out to rob them blind. River claims that he is also going along to help keep them safe but is that the complete truth?

Their journey takes them through the dark forest where no one has ever been known to come out alive with all the dark creatures lurking in the forest. Someone is following them on their journey. Who could be following them? What do they want? Why are they following them? Is it for good or evil?

The Unicorn Key is a great introduction into a great new world with unicorns, shifters, fae, pixies and other dark creatures. It is filled with magic, evil, darkness and with lots of action and some mighty big twist that kept me racing through the pages to see how Freya, River, Opal and Jet were going to reach their destination to find what they were looking for and complete their tasks.

I could see it all playing out in my head like a movie. I could see the dark forest, the creatures within the forest, the unicorns and the dragons with all the beautifully written descriptions. The Unicorn Key is not the first book that I have read by these amazing authors. Each and every book that I have read by these two has been really awesome as I could see it all in my head. It was like we have ESP or something. The world building for The Unicorn Key is just so brilliant and amazing. I can’t wait to delve deeper into this amazing new world of Realm of Light and Fire in the next book.

I do highly recommend The Unicorn Key to all fans of fantasy, magic, paranormal creatures, shifters, action, adventure and so much more. One click yourself a copy today to begin this magical adventure!

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