Thursday, October 24, 2019

Review: Murder with a Psychic Zap (Wonder Springs #2) by B.T. Alive

Murder with a Psychic Zap
Wonder Springs #2
by B.T. Alive
Published: October 24, 2019
Publisher: Villette Press
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Magic


Her unique power is secret…

… but her new boyfriend might be a killer.

Can Summer use her psychic gift to find the true killer in time?

In the sweet little Southern town of Wonder Springs, everyone smiles, but old feuds run deep. Land is scarce, and when the stubborn owner of a huge orchard is found dead, almost anyone might have had a motive to kill her.

But the prime suspect is Summer's new boyfriend, Cade.

Because the victim was Cade's boss. And she might have left him land worth a fortune.

Summer knows Cade can't possibly be the killer… can he? He's the sweetest guy she's ever known. But she's only known him for a couple months.

Who can Summer trust?

Because behind the smiles, people hide secret powers…

You'll love this quirky cozy, because it has a huge fun family with surprising paranormal powers, plus a roller-coaster plot with a climax you'll never see coming.

Get it now.

My Review:

An older woman, Una is found dead in her home and Summer’s boyfriend Cade of whom she has only known for a couple of months is arrested for her murder. Una owns this big orchard and Cade works for her in the orchard and his life dream is to own an orchard one day.

But is Cade the only person in town who might want Una dead? Why would anyone want to hurt an old lady? Is Cade the murder?

Summer ask herself this same question on more than one occasion. While she is not so sure as he does have a motive she can’t believe that sweet little old Cade could harm anyone.

With all the evidence piling up against Cade Summer is still determined to prove his innocence. As she starts to look into the case other suspects start to pop up. It seems that there just might be more going on in little old Wonder Springs than meets the eye. For a small town where everybody seems to know everything about everybody there seems to be a whole lot of secrets floating around.

I love worlds where people have special abilities and powers and the more I read and the deeper I got into Murder with a Psychic Zap the more people with secret abilities were revealed.

As I was reading Murder with a Psychic Zap I could see the whole town in my mind like when I saw Una’s house and orchard I saw a big white house with white trellis and arches with flowers flowing over them in the front and with the orchard maybe a little ways off in the back of the house and you could just barely see the top of it from the backyard and I could just picture a white picket fence surrounding the property. I could see Cade, Summer and Una standing there on the sidewalk in front of the house with a nice summer breeze blowing there way.

Murder with a Psychic Zap is one of those novels that you could read snuggled up on the sofa in one of those snuggie blankets and a nice little fire in the fire place and a cup of hot chocolate if you are into that kind of thing that is.
Murder with a Psychic Zap is a nice little cozy mystery with a nice little list of suspects with motive that helps to keep you guessing as to whodunit. Just when you think you have it all figured out and you are like I know who did it then you are slammed with more secrets as they are revealed and you are back to who did it?

Murder with a Psychic Zap will keep you on your toes with all the secrets and suspense not to mention the twists and turns that will have your heading swimming right up until the end when all is revealed surprisingly or well it was to me.

I highly recommend Murder with a Psychic Zap to all mystery and murder fans.

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