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Review: Magnetic Medic by Alexa Padgett @AlexaPadgett

Magnetic Medic

The Wright Family Series #1

by Alexa Padgett

Published: April 4, 2021

Publisher: Cocky Hero Club, Inc.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


A sexy, new brother's best friend romance from USA Today bestselling author Alexa Padgett.

He’s my brother’s childhood friend. I’m pregnant with another man’s baby. What a time to fall in love…

Coming home seemed like a good idea at the time. My ex-fiancĂ© split, I was almost done with my master’s degree, and I was already working at the family architecture firm. When I move in next door to pediatrician Ryder Mackay, I’m not expecting the connection—or the passion in his eyes that I feel deep in my soul. He’s the best doctor for my baby, but he’s not the guy I need.

Still, the way Ryder looks snuggling my puppy—and my infant daughter—to his rock-hard chest makes me wish this sexy, smart, compassionate man was mine.

Maybe, it’s pregnancy hormones. Or...maybe this magnetic pull is forever.

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My Review:

When Aidy tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant with his child he walks out on her. After he leaves Aidy decides to go back home and take a job in the family architecture firm.

Aidy’s brother’s help her move into her new apartment. While the guys are bringing up the boxes Aidy is unloading them as fast as they can bring them up. During all this moving one of Aidy’s new neighbor’s sticks his head in the door. Low and behold it is her brother’s best friend Ryder from their childhood.

Ryder is a pediatrician and right away Aidy thinks he would be a great doctor for her baby. She would love to have him for herself but thinks right away that he is not for her even with his rock-hard abs. Aidy’s description of Ryder makes him sound as if he is one hot dude. The question now is he a McDreamy or McSteamy or maybe McSexy? One thing for sure though is that he makes me think of Vin Diesel or even The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Oh yeah!

Magnetic Medic is a very steamy read with all that hotness surrounding Aidy.

Yeah I know that a couple of the hot dudes are her brothers but they are not mine. Magnetic Medic is the first book in The Wright Family Series. I can’t wait to check out the next book in the series Arrogant Architect with Aidy’s brother Knox Wright’s story to see who the summary is referring to. Who is this mysterious person who wants Knox?

Magnetic Medic had a few twists that kept me on the edge of my seat and wondering if Aidy and Ryder were ever going to get together. There were times I wanted to give both of them a great big shake. Oh, and when someone from Aidy’s past shows up I am like oh no not now. Aidy had me worried there for a while I was so afraid that she was going to make the wrong decision. Will Aidy make the right choice for her?

Magnetic Medic is a great story one which I recommend dearly to all those romantics out there. One-click your copy of Magnetic Medic today to begin this epic new series with all these dreamy guys. 

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