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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Max and the Spice Thieves by John Peragine @johnpwriter @XpressoTours

Max and the Spice Thieves
John Peragine
(Secrets of the Twilight Djinn #1)
Publication date: April 20th 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

When his mother goes missing, Max Daybreaker’s world is turned upside down. Luckily, a crew of Spice Pirates, led by the mysterious Captain Cinn, help Max on his dangerous mission across the three seas.

Along the way, an unlikely alliance aids in his search—a teenage warrior queen, a three-eyed seer, and an assassin spy.

Their journey takes them through treacherous lands while facing shapeshifting bears, an ancient witch, harpies, and the nightmarish Djinn, who will stop at nothing to enslave the world.

With every new challenge, Max unlocks the secrets of his unsettling past. Powers awaken within, forcing him to question everything he knows.

Is Max who he thinks he is? Only time and destiny will tell…

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Interview with John Peragine

What made you want to become a writer?

My father was an avid reader. We had stacks of books and would go to Paperback Palace in Clearwater Fl. Think of a Walmart of just used paperback books! Shelves and boxes of them. You could buy them for a dime a piece (This was in the 1980s and they were mass market pulp books). We would spend half a Saturday loading them up in bags. When we were done with a book we could sell them back for a nickel. So I read a lot as a kid. All sorts of books of every genre imaginable. I knew some day I was going to write books, it was my passion and obsession.

What inspired you to write Max and the Spice Thieves?

I hate to vanilla on this one, but it was the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I began reading it when I was about nine and have read it many times since. It is amazing how the story has changed as I got older. I fell in love with fantasy- monsters and magic. I read many other books in this genre until I was ready to create my own world.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Max and the Spice Thieves?

Max and the Spice Thieves contains people in my life- or at least character sketches of them. The main character was built from my son, Max. He suffers from a skin condition like Max Daybreaker in the book. Captain Cinn- is my perception of me. The rest of the characters- I will keep to myself for now, although I can tease that one of them is a friend and famous voice-over actress!

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

Neil Gaiman. I just love his ability to tell a story that keeps me engaged. His voice is so distinct as is the cadence of his words- I can almost pick out his writing when I read or hear them read. I’ve read American Gods a half dozen times, and I love his short stories the best.

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

Secrets of the Twilight Djinn, I believe will be seven books long. Book 2- Max and the Isle of Sanctus is almost complete and will be out this Fall.

I am also working on two other series- One is a cozy mystery and the other is an urban fantasy. (details coming soon!)

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I guess it was the look on my son’s face when I got the first printed book in the mail. It made it real for both of us, and that was the greatest feeling that I was able to create that for him. 

Author Bio:

John Peragine is an author of over fourteen books. The Secrets of the Twilight Djinn series was written as a bedtime story for his son Max to cope with medical issues he was facing as a little boy. John is a full-time ghostwriter who lives with his son, wife, and a menagerie of animals on his vineyard overlooking the Mississippi River.

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