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Review: The Griffin Knight by Megan Linski @GryfynPub

The Griffin Knight

Hidden Legends: University of Sorcery, #4

by Megan Linski

Published: April 5, 2021

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Witches, Wizard, Magic


Soulmates spark a revolution.


My mate is being tried for treason, and I’m running out of time to find the Crystals of Harmony. We’ve looked everywhere for the griffin stone, but it remains out of reach.

Then our worst fears are realized. The griffin stone lies with the Black Claw. To find it, we’ll have to become members of the cult.

The only way to stop the extinction of the fae is to join the dark side. By connecting with my Unseelie past, we have a chance to end the king’s reign of terror.

I’ll be leading the charge when it’s time to bring the monarchy down.


My greatest secret has been revealed, and my life is on the line. I’m on trial for crimes against the crown, and by the looks of it, my head is going to roll.

But there’s greater things at risk than my neck. A movement is burning throughout the city. Shifters and sorceresses are joining together, to rise up against oppression and free Malovia.

It only takes one spark to ignite a revolution. Emma and I are about to strike the match.


The fight for the crown continues in Book Four of the Hidden Legends: University of Sorcery series. Indulge in this fantasy fae saga at a magic academy where darkness reigns and shifters rule. This is a werewolf romance book with plenty of dragons, steamy situations, and strong heroines.

This is a full length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+

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 My Review:

Emma is looking for the Crystals of Harmony this time around. She has looked high and low without any luck in locating the griffin stone and time is running out. Besides Emma has more than just the griffin stone on her mind at the moment her soulmate Ethan has been jailed for crimes against the crown. If he is found guilty he could be executed.

When they finally locate the griffin stone they learn that it lies with some very dark and evil people. They will have to bring out their dark side if they ever have a chance of recovering the griffin stone. And when their dark side shows its ugly head they will just have to hope that their good side is stronger if they are to survive in the end.

The opening pages of The Griffin Knight are so very intense and sad and lead right up to the action. The action is constant throughout the whole book as it never lets up from beginning to end. Ethan, Emma, and the whole crew fight one battle after another just to save their lives and that of the fae. They have to face trials and challenges one after another on their search for the griffin stone.

The Griffin Knight brings out all the feelings. It had me in tears on more than one occasion. I felt sadness, happiness, anger, frustration plus a whole lot more. I saw it all playing out in my head as if I was right there fighting with them as if I was a part of the team. I felt as if I was soaring through the air on one of the dragon's back as the rest of the battle played out all around me.

I can’t wait for the next installment in the Hidden Legends: University of Sorcery series. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out and see where all the characters take us on their next journey.

If you are into magic, fae, shifters with lots of battle scenes then you are in for a treat with The Griffin Stone. One-click your copy of The Griffin Stone today to begin this epic battle to save the fae. I do suggest that you check out the rest of the series while you're at it.  

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