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Review: The Girl on the Carpathia by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

 The Girl on the Carpathia:

A novel of the Titanic

by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

Published: April 25, 2021

Publisher: Emerge Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction, History, Sea Stories, Romance



North Atlantic Ocean, 1912. Kate Royston is a witness to history as the RMS Carpathia responds to the Titanic’s desperate SOS. Kate plans to escape personal tragedy by fleeing to Europe but everything changes when the Carpathia races to save the Titanic's survivors.

Forced to return to New York, Kate abandons her hope of escape and becomes embroiled as a vital witness in the high profile Senate investigation of the disaster.

Fueled by public rage and political in-fighting, the investigation becomes a witch-hunt. Although Kate knows the truth she’s terrified that pitting her eyewitness account against ruthless, powerful men will leave her ruined. As she struggles to make a decision, her heart leads her to two men - a powerful lawman and a handsome young radio operator.

Can Kate find happiness in the midst of tragedy?

Meticulously researched and using actual witness testimony, The Girl on the Carpathia begins where most Titanic stories end and answers the questions “What happened next?” and "Who was to blame?"

The Girl on the Carpathia is a gripping standalone historical novel inspired by real events. If you like passionate characters, surprising revelations, and endearing romances, then you’ll love Eileen Enwright Hodgetts' seamless blend of fact and fiction.

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My Review:

The Girl on the Carpathia is a novel that tries to show what happened on the night that the Titanic went down. The Girl on the Carpathia is told from many points of view as we get the story from people that were on the Titanic that night and people who were on the Carpathia.

The Girl on the Carpathia is also about one girl who was sailing across the Atlantic to America while trying to leave her life behind. The Girl on the Carpathia tells Kate Royston’s story of how she went up against some very powerful people to reveal what she witnessed as the Carpathia went about rescuing survivors from the Titanic pulling them out of the cold water and what she overheard from some of the people who were on board the Titanic that night.

The Girl on the Carpathia grabbed me from the first page and drew me and it never let go until I had read the last page. Although I am not sure that it will actually ever let go. I think The Girl on the Carpathia is one novel that will stay with me forever.

I love watching Titanic over and over again even though it makes me sad and I cry through the whole movie so when I saw that The Girl on the Carpathia was available for review I knew I had to read it. Like Titanic, The Girl on the Carpathia was just as sad.

I am so glad I read The Girl on the Carpathia so I could dive deeper into Titanic's story and find out what may have gone down on that awful night. I liked getting the story from more than one character’s point of view. The Girl on the Carpathia is well worth the read if you are looking for more info on the Titanic or even if you are just looking for a great story.

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