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The Plague

by Ryan L. Canning

GENRE: Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense


An opportunist President takes advantage of a bad vaccine to declare war on science, outlawing vaccinations and most scientific research. Suddenly, the country is faced with the resurgence of many diseases thought to be eradicated, including the bubonic plague and no way to cure them. Britton Gravel, a mother and funeral home proprietor is up against the clock to find a cure for the antibiotic-resistant plague, and discover who took her sick son, while dodging government agents who will stop at nothing to repress the truth.


In the year 2025, a bad flu vaccination caused the death of over 130,000 Americans. Before this mishap, doctors and scientists had already been struggling to prove that vaccinations were in the best interest of society as a whole. A culture of overprescribing antibiotics for many medical conditions that didn’t require them, led to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which already had many people doubting the effectiveness of current medical practices. Combined with a faked paper and a TV personality promoting pseudoscience, an atmosphere of misinformation had been created. After the incident, there was simply no reasoning with the general public. This mad panic allowed the President to bend the rules, to declare himself president for a third term, telling the public that they needed stability and strong guidance during those pivotal years. The academics knew it was bullshit, but sadly they were the minority. The masses rallied behind their President. They rallied behind him when he outlawed vaccinations, they rallied behind him when he completely revamped the public school system to cut science-based subjects, reduce math requirements, and discouraged any type of higher learning, putting tight restrictions on who could work towards advanced degrees. Many of the lucky candidates were grandfathered if their parents held the same degree. Others were in a type of lottery that was undoubtedly rigged.

My Review:

The President has outlawed vaccinations and most scientific research. Many known and unknown viruses are now making an appearance once again in the world, killing thousands. An unknown plague is making its rounds and people are dying everywhere. Bodies are plying up with no place to store them. Mass burnings are taking place.

Britton Gravel is a mother and owns a funeral home. Her little boy becomes sick with the plague. Britton is trying her very best to find a cure for the plague to save her little boy and the world. If she is caught trying to find a vaccination the consequences could be very server if not deadly for her and anyone helping her.

Everything is going fairly good until the day the Plague Doctors walk into her home without even knocking and take her little boy away. Britton will do whatever it takes to find her little boy and bring him home. Who are the Plague Doctors? Will her little boy be safe with them? Why did they take her little boy?

The Plague is a short but fun read. It is filled with enough suspense and mystery to keep the pages turning from beginning to end. The Plague may be a short read but it reads like a full-length novel as it packs a big punch.

It never became boring even with all the scientific information that was given. As a matter of fact, scientific information is one of the things that kept me hooked from the first page to the last.

I really enjoy reading books about the plague, viruses, and the CDC, and let me tell you The Plague did not disappoint in the least. It was on the top of its game. With saying this I will have to admit that I did have one little problem with the story and let me state that it is only a small thing and that is that I would have liked for the story to have been longer. I would love to read more about The Plague’s world and its characters.

I would recommend The Plague to anyone looking for a quick, short story to read. Well, that is if you are into books about viruses or the plague. I would like to suggest that you one-click your copy of The Plague today!  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ryan L Canning grew up in a small town in Muskoka, Ontario in an artistic environment. Both parents are avid readers and his father was a woodworker. An appreciation for art and the written word were instilled in Ryan at an early age. He explored many different mediums before finding his niche with costume designing and writing. Ryan L Canning has two self-published novels "Syn" and "Synce..." which he wrote under the pseudonym, R.L. Canning. Ryan has taken the lessons he learned writing the 2 full-length novels and applied them to his thriller novella "The Plague."








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