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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Luna's Adventures Series by Stephanie Hewitt @bellatutts @GoddessFish

Luna's Adventures Series

by Stephanie Hewitt

GENRE: Children's

Book 1: Where did Luna go?


Luna is a cheeky and playful big black dog with lots of curly-wurly hair who likes to explore and play. One day, Luna gets a little bit stuck somewhere . . .

Where did Luna go?

Come and explore with Luketo help find Luna.

My Review:

Where did Luna go? is a cute little story about a boy who is searching for his missing dog, Luna. He searches everywhere he thinks Luna maybe, problem places that Luna has visited in the past.

Luke searches all over the house and outside too he is getting very worried about his friend. Luna is a big dog with curly-wurly hair. Where oh where can a big dog like Luna hide? What has happened to Luna? Is she safe? Is Luna playing a game of hide and seek?

Where did Luna go? is a story that children will love and their parents too. I loved the pictures that show all the places that Luke looks for Luna. Where did Luna go? I think children and parents too will love Where did Luna go? Reading Where did Luna go? to a child is a great way for parents to get in some bonding time with their babies. 

Book 2: Luna Loves Biscuits


Luna is a cheeky and playful big black dog with lots of curly-wurly hair who likes to explore and play.

Luna really loves her special dog biscuits. One day Lilly leaves Luna's special dog biscuit jar open.

Will Luna be a naughty dog or a good dog?

Let's find out.


In the crickety, rickety old house down Tumble Lane lived a little girl named Lilly, her younger brother Luke and their cheeky dog named Luna, a big black dog with lots of curly wurly hair.

Ollie dog is the smelly, scruffy little dog from next door. Ollie is always giving Luna sneaky ideas. Luna really loves dog biscuits. Luna loves dog biscuits so much she will do anything to get one.

One afternoon in the creaky, leaky old kitchen, Lilly accidently left the lid off Luna’s special jar of dog biscuits.

Luna sniffed and whiffed a scent so glorious she raced to the creaky, leaky old kitchen.

Luna’s big black curly wurly hair bounced and flounced through the air as she ran toward the beautiful smell of fresh dog biscuits.

Luna quickly noticed that Lilly had left the dog biscuit jar open and hatched a sneaky plan.

My Review:

Luna Loves Biscuits is about a big dog with curly-wurly hair. Luna loves her treats and will do anything to get one. Luna and her friend from next door, a little smelly dog, who goes by the name of Ollie.

One day Luna and Ollie are playing outside when all of a sudden the most delicious smell ever hits Luna hard. Luna knows without a doubt what that smell is and takes off to the house real fast. The smell is none other than the smell of her favorite treat of all time.

When Luna runs into the kitchen where the smell is coming from and where Luna knows that her best friend Lilly keeps her favorite snack in a jar with a purple bow attached to it. Luna finds that the jar of biscuits that Lilly keeps on the shelf has been left open.

Luna and her friend Lilly put their heads together and try to come up with a plan as to how they can get their paws on those biscuits. Just as Luna is contemplating a way to get her paws on one of those scrumptious smelling biscuits she begins to think about Lilly and their friendship and the trust the two of them have for each other. Luna begins to wonder how Lilly would feel towards her if she takes the biscuits. What will Luna do? Will she take the biscuit? Will the scrumptious smelling biscuits overpower Luna?

Luna Loves Biscuits is a great story for children to read with their parents. The illustrations were done very well. They help to make Luna’s story comes alive in your mind. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hewitt! I am a new Australian children’s author.

I am the mother of two toddlers. I love writing stories for my children and others that they will enjoy.





BOOK 1: Where did Luna go?



BOOK 2: Luna Loves Biscuits




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