Monday, August 30, 2021

Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Life on Your Terms by Tanya Russell @GoddessFish


Life on Your Terms: How to Get What You Really Want

by Tanya Russell

GENRE: Self-help


What a shame it would be to come to the end of your life and look back and say, "That was it?"

Life on Your Terms is a practical blueprint for how to feel fulfilled while creating the life you imagine. No matter what situation you find yourself in today, there is a bright future waiting for you. Applying the skills and practices in this book will launch you to that place and beyond, faster than you ever imagined possible.

In this practical guidebook, the author compresses decades of lessons learned from her wins and failures as a businesswoman and single mother into actionable steps to achieve the life you truly desire. Once bankrupt but now financially free, her courage, faith and strong desire for something more for herself and her children have driven her to seek out ways to create exactly that.

Don't live the same day every day and call it a life. Apply these foundational principles and rewrite your future today.


Focus, by simple definition, is what you think about. What you think about determines how you feel. So, focus equals feelings. Let’s say, for example, you are thinking about your relationship and you choose to focus on something your partner did that made you happy. Maybe he brought home flowers or maybe she made you your favorite meal. Your focus is on good things, which probably makes you smile. It creates happy emotions inside you about your spouse.

On the other hand, maybe you are thinking about the mess she left in your kitchen like she does every day or thinking, “He has never brought me flowers!” Maybe your partner nagged at you again about never taking out the trash or about the undone yard work. These scenarios probably created negative emotions in you about your partner. What we focus on determines how we feel in that moment.

You can complain about having to carry groceries from the back of the parking lot or you can be grateful that you have legs to do it or the money to buy the groceries in the first place. Anything you have to complain about is something someone somewhere wishes they could brag about.

It seems so simple, right? Change your focus; change your mood. Change your focus; change your feelings.

This simple technique can be used to snap us out of any negative emotion. Worried? Fearful? Change what you are thinking about. Did you know that you can only have one, yes one, thought in your mind at a time? Try it. Think of something happy and then try to think of something sad. The happy thought fled as the sad one entered. It is impossible to be thinking more than one thought at a time. So if you want to change your feelings about something, simply change the way you think about it.

If you become worried, fearful, angry or any other myriad of negative emotions, you can very quickly change that by changing your focus to something positive. We have no control over our circumstances, but we can control our thoughts. As author Robert G. Allen says, “No thought lives in your head rent-free.” There is a large cost to those negative thoughts, but luckily, we can change them in an instant.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tanya Russell is a successful multi-business owner and life coach. Her passions are her family, continued personal growth, and empowering others to live their very best lives. Tanya enjoys fast cars, motorcycles and travelling. She is currently enjoying the Okanagan lifestyle in Kelowna, BC, Canada.








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