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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Shadow Collector: Natalya & Owen by Bonnie Randall @GoddessFish


by Bonnie Randall

GENRE: Psychic Thriller, Ghost Thriller



Undercover, on skid row . . .

Owen Brophy, summoned by a street psychic, is alarmed when she knows his realname—and unnerved by her obstinate question: "Who did you abandon back home?"Home. The Okanagan Valley. Owen hasn't been there since he was a kid. Hasn'tseen his oldest friend—a guy he once loved like a brother, a man he's longbeen estranged from—in years. Yet the psychic forecasts an ominous collision:past will crash against present when his old buddy exhumes a long-concealedsecret—a secret more than one person has died for. A secret someone will killto keep hidden.


Unannounced, at her door . . .

A grisly package arrives for Natalya Nikoslav, its cryptic verse clearly writtenby someone who knows her history something she, abandoned as a toddler, hasnever been able to unearth on her own. Shaken, Natalya scours her psychicshadows to see where this package has come from. She's shocked by what she sees:her tombstone. Its death date waxes and wanes alongside an enigmatic spectre, aman she almost—almost!—recognizes, begging for her help. A retrocognitive,Natalya knows her psychic shadows are limited to the past . . . yet this man isunmistakably calling out from her future. And he's frantic—they'll both die ifshe doesn't come home.

But . . . where is home? Who is he?

And when she finds him will she know . . .



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East Hastings & Main, Vancouver, British Columbia

Owen Brophy crept down the alley, silently navigating around puddles— some blackened like oil slicks in the darkness, others gilded by the amber glow of Hastings streetlights. All reeking; stagnant rainwater. Piss. “Gretel?” His hushed shout drifted over all the bags and rags slumped in the alley; people, covered by or covering their worldly possessions. “Gretel?”

Shut it!” hissed someone, but then another voice, a rasp that sounded the way rusty barbed wire looked, said, “That you, Boss?” There, beyond her usual haunt, crouched Gretel, an emaciated husk framed by sprays of graffiti, looped shapes and sharp angles in the night. Like The Louvre if it shot up a speedball, Owen mused, and sprinted to her, feet practiced enough to dodge the puddles and floating needles without needing to look. “How come you’re not in your doorway?” he whispered.

“’Cause I wanted a vacation?” Gretel’s wrinkles were crevassed in the dim light, tiny sunbursts around the corners of her eyes. In the murk Owen could see the crater of an abscess in her front tooth.

She reached up, hid it with her hand. “Gave my doorway to Albert.” One wasted shoulder angled toward a heap of rags in her jamb. “He gots the grippe. Won’t last long.”

What wouldn’t last long—the grippe? Or Albert? Owen was versed enough in Gretel-speak to know the grippe was pneumonia (the most oft-visiting Grim Reaper of the heroin crowd), and that most of the predictions she made down here on skid row came true. “You tell the street doc about Albert?” he asked.

She jacked a brow over the eye that had finally gone opaque from cataract just over a year ago. “You knows I don’t talk to no street doc.” ‘Street doc’, spat out as if it tasted like her tooth. “You got the stuff?” She splayed a hand.

My Review:

The Shadow Collector grabbed my attention from the first page and hung on until the end. The Shadow Collector is loaded with twists and turns that really help to keep those pages turning. It is filled with mystery, suspense, murder, ghosts and so much more that will hold your interest page after page.

Once I started reading The Shadow Collector I didn’t won’t to lay it down as I just had to know what lay around the next corner. The characters kept my interest as I felt as if I knew them like they were old friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

The plot of The Shadow Collector held my interest from the first page to the last. I was left in suspense after reading each page. I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough. I wanted to know more about the children and where they were. The shadows kept me hanging on as well. The Shadow Collector started out with a bang and never let up.

Owen meets a mysterious woman who knew his name. Later he learns that she was found dead in the street from an overdose. After seeing the body Owen knew this woman had not overdosed. There were bruises on her body and one of her fingers was missing. Owen is told to go home or his best friend is going to die.

Natalya receives a package, a package that she did not order. Who sent her this package and why? Inside she finds a finger. Who would send someone something like that? Why would they? Natalya is told to go home but she doesn’t know where she comes from.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Bonnie Randall, author of Divinity & The Python and Within The Summit's Shadow, writes stories that explore what love looks like in the face of paranormal peril. She lives in Western Canada where she is hard at work on the next two novels in the Shadow Valley series.

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