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Review: Witch Island By Victor Pryce

Witch Island


Published April 2012 by Victor Pryce

I received Witch Island from the author for review.

Jack's father was a sailor who died at sea with scurvy when Jack was only 10. Jack knew that he wanted to be a sailor he had to see for himself all the great stories that his father would tell him about sailing the seas. Jack was only 12 when he got the chance to be a sailor and he took it to help his mother to take care of their family. Jack was thrown from the Britannia during a storm and was the first person on the island. He taught himself how to fish with a spear, he made a hut to live. He found that the island provided most of the things that he could use to survive until he was rescued. I liked Jack the best of all the other characters. He seemed really nice and wanted to help everyone else in the best way that he could.

Simon being of the upper class thought he was better than Jack, never wanting to follow any of Jack's advice which could have made his life on the island a lot easier. He thought he was the leader that he knew more just because he was schooled and Jack probably wasn't. Jack wanted to teach Mary how to fish and to start fires. When he told Simon this he was against it. Mary being the daughter of a governor and had always been waited on by servants all her life. Simon thought that they should wait on her themselves because it would not be proper for her when they returned to their lives. Jack tried to explain to Simon that if something happened to both of them at the same time, Mary would not know to take care of herself. But Simon would not hear of teaching Mary anything. Simon thought that Jack was just being lazy and wanted to put some of his work off on Mary.

Mary was a very nice person and didn't know anything about Jack wanting to teach her how to fish and start fires. Mary wanted to help in any way that she could. When she saw that Simon was not going to allow her to help do any of the hard work she volunteered to sit on the cliff all day and watch for a ship to come by. If she saw a ship she could call for the men to come and set fire to the brush pile to signal the ship. Mary trusted Simon never questioning anything that he said. She always did want she was told without question. Why did she never think for herself and say hey I want to do more to help you guys, to do my share of the work?

When I read the summary of Witch Island I thought well this is not the kind of stories I usually read but it sounded like it would be good so I thought I would give it a chance. I kept putting off reading it for that reason. But then I thought ok go for it so I did and you know what I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I would have liked to have known more about Jack, Simon and Mary's lives of who they were, who their families were, what kind of life did they live before they were stranded on the island, were they happy? I was sort of disappointed with the ending I never expected it to turn out the way it did. I wish that it would have been different for all of them.

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