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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Spell Book & Scandal by Jen McConnel @Jen_McConnel @XpressoTours

Spell Book & Scandal
Jen McConnel
Publication date: October 31st 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Shelby King is tired of living in her sister’s shadow. Just because Christina is the most powerful caster in school doesn’t mean Shelby’s any good at magic; she’s a scribe, like her mom, and everyone expects her to write spells for her sister, the way her mom always has for her dad. But Shelby’s spells fail spectacularly, and by the time she’s a sophomore, Christina won’t touch them with a ten-foot-pole; their parents aren’t much better. Shelby is fed up, and she decides to show the world she doesn’t care if she isn’t as good as her stuck-up sister, or as talented as their powerful parents. In fact, she decides it’s time to break all the rules, magical and otherwise, and she starts sneaking out to meet Jeremiah Smallwood, the second-best caster in school at illegal pop-up spell battles around town. She may not be able to scribe for him, but she doesn’t mind letting him think that she could; Shelby’s been half in love with Miah as long as she can remember, but he’s never paid attention to her until now, and she’s not going to risk her chances worrying about a pesky thing like the truth. But when Christina rats her out to their parents, Shelby can’t control her anger, and words come pouring out of her that she can’t take back even if she wanted to, threatening Christina’s future…and Shelby’s own chances with Jeremiah. It’ll take more magic than Shelby’s ever dreamed of to set things right, but no scribe has that much magic…right?

My Review:

Shelby King is a scribe like her mom while her sister Christina is a caster like their dad. Christina is the best caster in their school and their mom and dad are powerful as well but poor Shelby’s magic is not any good. Shelby use to write spells for her sister just like her mom does for her dad but since her spells always back fires Christina will have nothing to do will her spells.

Then one day this guy in Christina’s class starts talking to Shelby and wants to hang out with her. He wants Shelby to scribe for him. Shelby wants to be with him so bad that she agrees but she fails to mention to him that her spells are not any good. Shelby starts sneaking out at night to meet Jeremiah along with some of his buddies to participate in some illegal spell casting battles.

Everyone thinks that Shelby should be as powerful as Christina although they know that she is not but they give her a hard time at school anyway always picking on her about it and putting her down. Shelby gets tired of it all and rebels by going with Jeremiah to the illegal spell battles.

But something changes within Shelby something that she doesn’t understand or can explain but it may just cost Christina and Shelby their futures and put them in a world of trouble if anyone finds out what has happen or what she has done. Can Shelby fix her mistake before it is too late?

When I read the summary for Spell Book & Scandal I knew I had to read it. I had to know more about scribes and casters. The whole time I was reading Spell Book & Scandal I kept thinking that it reminded me a lot of that old movie The Parent trap staring Brain Keith and that tv show Charm. I know that Shelby and Christina are not twins but they are sisters. I guess the reason it reminded of Charm is because they are three sisters that are witches.

Spell Book & Scandal has been an amazing journey. I loved watching these two sisters together. Fighting as sisters do but when it came time to dig out the big guns they had each other’s backs. I can’t wait to read more about these two as well as some of the other characters as well.

Author Bio:
Award-winning author Jen McConnel writes NA, YA, and nonfiction. When she isn’t writing, she can be found on her yoga mat or wandering off on another adventure. Visit to learn more!



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