Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cover Reveal: London Calling: A Quill & Ink Charity Anthology @quillinktours


London Calling: A Quill & Ink Charity Anthology Cover by Black Rose Designs

Theme: London
Genre: multigenre
Release date: December 5th, 2017




Join Quill & Ink in a multi-genre exploration of London. Within these pages, we fall in love, go back in time, sit on the edge of our seats with sweaty palms and racing hearts, and even solve some mysteries—all in support of LitWorld, a charity tackling worldwide illiteracy. Please note that some of these stories contain adult content.


Slings & Arrows by Sarah Buhrman

Ring Me by C.L. Cannon

Postcards from London by Rebekah Dodson

Ripping the Sheets by Shakyra Dunn

Mistaken Identity by Stacey Johnston

My Partner, The Brit by Jessika Klide

The Cave by Claire Lalique

Destination Wedding by Lily Ryan


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