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Review: The Scarecrow Man by Jess Jay

The Scarecrow Man

Shriekers: The Golden Highway #1

by Jess Jay

Published: December 22, 2020

Genre: Young Adult, Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic


Episode One of the Shriekers Serial

The world ended. The green covers the country, consuming everything it touches. Shriekers—the carnivorous bodies of those changed after being eaten from the inside out—roam the world, fueled by the sun and nearly impossible to kill.

After a year of not seeing another living soul, Thea thought she was alone in the world.

She was wrong.

New encounters force Thea from her home and down the Highway, on a journey to find a place that shouldn't exist. The further she travels, the more she realizes that the world isn't what she thought it was.

Join Thea on her journey in the first of four episodes that comprise The Golden Highway, the first novel in the Shriekers series.

There's no place that's home.

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My Review:

I love anything with zombies, post-apocalyptic, apocalyptic, dystopian worlds, well I guess you get the picture and I definitely love anything that has a twist on zombies and let me tell you The Scarecrow Man does indeed.

Shriekers are not created from a bite or a scratch no they are created from the plants. The plants ravages their bodies turning them into these walking dead human/plant like hybrid thingy that attacks humans.

The first Episode of the Shriekers series The Scarecrow Man gives us an insight into a brand new world with a twist on zombies. The Scarecrow Man is Thea’s story. Thea is a seventeen-year-old girl who knows nothing but the apocalypse. The world ended over thirty years ago. So the shriekers have been around all of Thea’s life. She doesn’t know a life without the shriekers.

Thea has been living on her own for a long time now. Her aunt was the last person Thea ever saw or knew until she finds a little girl Jojo. Jojo appears not to like Thea but I think she is just afraid. Her parents probably raised her not to trust anyone.

When their supplies start to become scarce Thea and Jojo set out on a quest to find more and a new place to live that will hopefully be safe from the shriekers or as safe as anyone can be that is. On their journey, Thea and Jojo run across a guy that has plants growing out the side of his head.

Thea is not sure she should trust someone with plants growing out of their head but she needs a little help and probably some human contact as she was beginning to think that she was the only human left alive.

The Scarecrow Man is a whole new beginning to a brand new world. While The Scarecrow Man didn’t give us a whole wide range of world-building it did give us enough to introduce us to Thea and the world of the shriekers. Enough to keep me hanging on for the next Episode.

The Scarecrow Man reminded me of Swamp Thing on The CW and the movie The Ruins (2008). The Scarecrow Man has been a very addicting story. I am anxiously awaiting more from this world of shriekers. I am anxiously awaiting to learn more about how the world ended for others and more about Thea, Jojo, and Jack. I am anxiously awaiting to see where Thea, Jojo, and Jack take us next and to learn more about the shriekers.

I highly recommend The Scarecrow Man to all zombie, post-apocalyptic genre lovers like me out there. One-click your copy of The Scarecrow Man today to begin an epic new twist on the zombie apocalypse. 

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