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Review: Acceptance by Clare Littlemore @Clarelittlemore


The Bellator Chronicles, #0.5

by Clare Littlemore

Published: April 15, 2021

Genre: Dystopian


How far must she run?

Desperate to save her unborn child, Anna has fled from Bellator - the only place she’s ever called home. Seeking shelter with a band of outlaws deep in the woods, she knows she doesn’t fit in.

But when the Bellator Authorities track her down, will her new companions protect her?

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My Review:

A young woman, Anna left the only home she knew behind to seek a better life for her and her unborn baby. She takes shelter with a group of people who are also on the run and hiding out from the same people, the Bellator.

If they want to stay alive they must hide. They never stay in one place for long for fear of being found and having to surfer the consequences that the Bellator will dish out.

Anna tries very hard to fit in with the people that have taken her in but Anna comes from a different side of the coin than they do. Anna is not used to living in such conditions. Anna is more used to the good side of life than her fellow outlaws.

But all Anna wants is to fit in with them and be seen as one of them. She tries very hard to do the right things so that they will like her, so she can be a part of their world. She hopes that once they get to know her then they will like her.

What will happen if the Bellator find them?

Acceptance is a short read that gives us a great look into a new story and the life of a band of runaways just looking to live their life the way they choose or maybe even just to stay alive.

Acceptance is a very intense read with so much tension that wraps you up and pulls you in leaving the outside world behind until you feel as if you are drowning in Anna’s world with her.

Anna is a great person and heroine the way she puts the lives of others ahead of her own. I can’t wait to learn more about Anna and her world in future books in The Bellator Chronicles.

I would like to know more about Anna’s life before she ran away. I would like to know why she ran away. I would like to know who and what the Bellator is. So many questions to be answered, hopefully in future books from this world.  


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