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Review: Book of John (Jesus Christ Zombie Killer #1) by Camille Picott @camillepicott

Book of John

Jesus Christ Zombie Killer #1

by Camille Picott

Published: August 8, 2021

Genre: Zombie, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror


When the dead are resurrected, not even the blessed are safe. Can one peacemaker stop a necromantic war?

John the Baptist serves his people as a weapons master devoted to keeping the peace. The murder of his wife leaves him plagued with guilt and secretly dependent on herbs that help numb the pain of his loss. But when he realizes King Herod’s desire to conquer Egypt will lead to his people’s conscription, the world-weary warrior rises above his addiction to keep them safe.

Discovering to his horror that the king’s wily mistress is creating an undead army using necromancy, John realizes his people may be facing brutal extinction. And now his only option is to gather all the soldier-shepherds and make a stand against an unyielding legion of sacrilege…

Can the dedicated leader defeat an unstoppable horde before those he loves are wiped out?

Book of John is the action-packed first novel in the Jesus Christ Zombie Killer apocalypse series. If you like fascinating characters, epic flesh-eating battles, and unexpected twists on biblical times, then you’ll devour Camille Picott’s genre-smashing story.

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My Review:

The Book of John is told from more than one point of view. The Book of John pulled me in from the very beginning and let me tell you the action never stopped from the first page to the last. I liked that the Book of John was a mixture between magic, zombies, and necromancy.

The Book of John takes us back in time to biblical times with Jesus and John as teenagers. The story revolves around two women, one who brings the dead back to life and the other one who knows how to kill the zombies and send them back where they came from. I enjoyed reading about the thread of life so to speak and how it was weaved to bring the dead back to life and the consequences.

When I was reading the Book of John it kept reminding me of several different TV shows and movies that kept popping up in my head. The weaving of the life thread reminded me of A Discovery of Witches when Diana was training as a weaver. Another TV Show that I kept thinking about was Motherland: Fort Salem that is about these girls who go off to war college. When the zombies came upon the scene I kept thinking about The Walking Dead and Army of the Dead.

I loved the new take on the zombies. It took a while for the zombies to make their way onto the scene, but once they did it was on then as the action was nonstop. I could just see all the zombie battle scenes playing out in my head as if I was watching a movie.

As someone who really loves a good zombie book, I highly recommend the Book of John to all other zombie fans! One-click your copy of the Book of John today for some epic zombie battles!

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