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Review Tour + #Giveaway: A Light Beam for Faith by E.K. Highland @ek_highland1 @GoddessFish

A Light Beam for Faith: The Making of A Restorer

by E.K. Highland

GENRE: Science Fiction


She's not waiting for a hero to come save her; instead, she becomes her own heroine. Hazel's world comes crashing in front of her in an instant during a family trip to Mont-Tremblant. What she doesn't know is that she is from the stars, and so it's no wonder she must return in order to find the answers she seeks.

She embarks on a trek aboard the Imperial Bona Fides, the mothership of the Alpha Cygnians people. With the help of her best friend Zita, and the others she will meet along the way, she will journey to places she never knew existed. Hazel will learn to tame her fears and become the woman she wants to be.

This is the story of different worlds that must learn to co-exist. They must all put their differences aside, and with a bit of faith they will all witness a new dawn. We are all compelled to be inspired when faith is with us.

This story is for anyone who enjoys what we look for when we wish to get away in a sci-fi fantasy book. You will live vicariously through the energetic characters as they go on through their incredible first trek. There is a sense of youthfulness and coming of age in this story that makes it a great read and appealing to a wide audience with the implemented strong characters and exciting action.



ZITA AND I LOOKED AT THE EARTH for one last time as we were at the edge of our home, the only solar system we had ever known. We looked back at her because we were leaving and didn’t know when we would see her again. We had embarked on our first trek. We travelled passed the shiny moon, the other planets, then came the asteroid belt, and then; on our way we were.

Humanity had taken the first big step into outer space with Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961. Then Neil Armstrong and his team walked on the moon in 1969. No known record exists of a person from Earth having achieved space travel with such depth into space as that achieved by the Alpha Cygnians or Alnitaians and other civilizations alike. Humanity had tried in vain to reach out to the rest of the universe, but it seemed now that they were being ignored by most. With the help of such projects like SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), The Green Bank formula, the Drake equation, and the Kepler Space telescope, the official word was that we had yet to hear back from anyone. But that was not true. The Alpha Cygnians, and others responded. It’s just that the government had kept it to themselves. We had come a long way in our search for alien life in the universe, but as far as the regular joes were concerned, nothing had been discovered yet. The truth is that they found us many times, but most kept going with their voyage once they came by to visit and examine planet Earth up close. They visited to monitor and assess Earth’s nuclear technological advancements, and in case of catastrophe they would maybe help. That is when alien spaceships became more visible in Earth’s skies —when we began to advance more in nuclear technology. We were that uninteresting to the other alien civilizations out there prior to that. In fact, there are perhaps millions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way alone. It only makes sense that we were hoping that there was life out there. Life was found in meteors travelling through our Milky Way, so the hope was high. It wasn’t we that found life in the immensity of space; rather, life out there found us. We were experiencing something that we have never heard of before. We thought that by now we would have been coexisting with various alien species on Earth, but it’s the opposite. They seemed to not want to have anything to do with us, until now that the Alnitaians are kidnapping children of Earth.

My Review:

Hazel is a young girl who likes to look up at the night sky at all the stars and planets wishing that she could travel among the stars herself. There is one thing that Hazel is not aware of and that is that she is from space herself. Hazel has no idea that traveling in space is a real thing until the day she witnesses her mother and her twin sisters being taken away in a spaceship.

Hazel lived with her mother and twin sisters. They have not seen their father since they were little. Hazel is frantic with not knowing what to do but one thing is for sure she can’t find her mother and sisters by herself. She is going to have to have help if she is going to find them.

Hazel, her mom, her sisters, and her best friend Zita are all on vacation when they are taken. Not knowing what else to do Hazel and Zita decide to go back to Hazel’s until they can figure out where to start their search. While there Hazel finds a way to contact her dad.

Her mother has been keeping secrets from her and her sisters. Her mother knew where their dad was but failed to tell them. What is going on? What is she hiding? Where has her dad been all this time? Why has he not come to see them?

Hazel soon finds out where her dad has been all these years and why he hasn’t kept in contact with them. Hazel learns that she is from space the one place she has always wanted to go. Her dad is the only one who can help her find her sisters.

We get to see the world through Hazel and her sister's eyes. We get to see how the twins' lives are going and how they are living. We get to see the world that they were taken to. We get to learn about the people who kidnapped them. We get to see their new home and how all the people on this new planet live.

I enjoyed reading A Light Beam for Faith way more than I thought I would. I have always loved watching TV shows like Star Trek, The Orville, and The 100 which is exactly what A Light Beam for Faith reminded me of as I was reading it. I connected with Hazel as I too have always wished that I could go to space on a spaceship. I would have loved to have been a Starfleet officer and gone where no one has gone before, exploring space and meeting other species.

The world-building and descriptions were amazing! I had no problem whatsoever picturing it all in my head. I was hooked from the first page as there was not a dull moment to be found. The action alone kept me glued to the pages wanting to know what was around the next corner. I would love to see more from the world of A Light Beam for Faith. I would love to see what missions are on the agenda for Hazel. I would love to see more of Hazel’s life in space and life on Alpha Cygni, Alnita, and other planets.

I would recommend A Light Beam for Faith for all space exploration and science fiction fans and anyone who likes TV shows like Star Trek or The Orville. One-click your copy of A Light Beam for Faith today!


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

E.K. Highland is a Haitian-Canadian first-time author who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy stories. The problem is, she wants to see more diversity in those genres. While growing up in Ottawa, Canada, she felt that books and television lacked representation of more Black characters.

Now she wants more characters who resemble her likeness as a Black woman in the science fiction and fantasy genre, as there are increasingly more Black authors who are writing science fiction and including characters of different color and ethnicity.

After attending the University of Ottawa in hopes of understanding English literature better, she decided to finally write her own sci-fi fantasy novel. And, you guessed it, the lead character resembles her because representation matters.






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