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Review: Infiltration (Powers Legacy #2) by Starr Z. Davies @SZDavies


Powers Legacy #2

by Starr Z. Davies

Published: May 10, 2023

Publisher: Character Assassin Books

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic


Twelve of the most Powerful girls in the Kingdom of Tides are offered to the new king as Tributes. One girl will be chosen as his queen. The others will be cast aside.

But Paige doesn't want to be a Tribute. Trapped on an island as winter settles in, desperate to return home, this pageant is nothing short of a nightmare. She sets plans into motion to earn the affection and trust of the king so she can get back to her family.

Zephyr does not envy his brother's crown. But he does envy how that crown earns Paige's attention. Content to accept that he will never know love, Zephyr's world is thrown into a tailspin when Paige worms her way into his mind...and his heart. Driven by a need to help her, to protect her, he is thrust down a dark hole of lifelong deception within his own family. Together, they discover dark secrets lurking in the palace. And an even more dangerous one lurking within her.

Separated from his sister and eager to find his way to her, Gavin works to establish a political alliance between Elpis and the Haven so he can leave. But when a new friend helps him uncover the truth behind the Haven's religious order, he inadvertently becomes the center of attention. Caught in a dangerous game orchestrated by zealous leaders, Gavin struggles to gain the upper hand…before his Powers are used as a tool against him.

Infiltration is the second book in the Powers Legacy series, following the children of Ugene Powers as they forge their own place in the shadow of their father's legacy. A perfect series for fans of Red Queen, The Selection, or The Darkest Minds. The series twists dystopian, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy together, adding a dash of superpowers.

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My Review:

Infiltration is the second book in the Powers Legacy series by Starr Z. Davies. While it may be the second book in the series it still comes out on top. Infiltration was just as much a blast to read as the first book, Desolation. It starts off with a blast and never lets up from the first page until the last with never a dull moment in between.

Infiltration kept me in suspense hanging on every word. I loved following Gavin, Paige, and Zephyr as their worlds exploded around them. I loved watching Paige and Zephyr's world intertwined in more ways than one. I loved watching as Paige made her way into Zephyr's world and his heart.

Paige was taken against her will to an island where she had to compete against other women to become the next queen. Paige didn’t want to be the next queen but if she ever wanted to get off the island then that is just what she may have to do.

Infiltration was told from the perspectives of Paige, Gavin, and Zephyr. I got to see what was going on from all of their perspectives and enjoyed it tremendously as I love reading stories from different points of view. I like getting the story from more than one person's view.

Meanwhile, Gavin is working hard trying to find a way to help Paige escape or leave the island. He will do whatever he can to see his sister returned safely. But he can’t do it alone so he enlists the help of others. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Paige, Gavin, Zephyr, and everyone else in the next book Insurrection.

Grab a copy of Infiltration today and join Paige, Gavin, and Zephyr as their worlds are turned upside down.

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