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Date Published: April 29, 2023


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Lana is a psychic ghost hunter working in The Circle of Roses shop. She wants to help solve a case when a man’s wife leaves him because of ghosts tormenting her in the attic, but she ends up with a haunting dilemma of her own. Terra’s ghost is haunting one of her teens in her small townhouse.

Sylvie and Dana are teenagers who just want to live but when Sylvie’s room is repeatedly thrashed, psychic Rose is called to investigate. She knows Terra from way back and thinks she wants more revenge, but why is the other teen Dana not affected? Sylvie and Dana have their own group called the Rosebuds. Started when they were kids, they wind up the only two in it.

When old enough they will go into training to become real psychics. As for this story it is their first everything, except their first time seeing a ghost. How long can Terra’s ghost be kept a secret from Dana? And will Rose be able to solve both cases at once?


          Lana lay in her bed and heat from the vent blew in. Both girls were getting up to get ready for school. It was the start of a new school year for them. Dana Langly was still in Jr. High. Getting out of bed it seemed nothing was wrong. Terra may be gone! Lana ran to Dana’s bedroom and opened the door. Nothing strange there. She ran to Sylvie’s room and there it was. Another huge mess. So bad it looked like a poltergeist did it. And the strange thing about it was, everything was messed up the same way it was the first time it was wrecked. Lana jumped back. Her heart skipped a beat.

          The first thing she thought was to keep the girls out. She decided to wait another night and see what happened. Rose knew what was wrong and Lana needed help. She left the room a mess to see what Terra might do.

          When the kids came home it looked like they had a good day. They told their mom their new classes were going well, and they even sat by their friends. Both girls got to school by bus. Tired from the day they all went to bed as usual.

          Very quickly Lana got them ready for school. She prepared their lunches so quickly it was a mess. Both daughters looked at each other strangely. They wondered what she was doing. They grabbed their backpacks and the school bus honked. Dana ran for the door. Sylvie kissed her mother and said, “Don’t worry. We’re both ok. We both slept like babies last night,” and she had to run for the bus.

          In her nightgown Lana ran upstairs to Sylvie’s room and opened the door. It was horrible. The mattress was still off the bed, but the mirror she had taken down was back and written on it in mud was the word REVENGE. Immediately she pulled on the attic cord and looked. Dana’s mirror was up there but it was up and leaning against the attic wall. She pulled the steps and went up. Walking towards the mirror something pricked her foot. Getting down she found three large knives. One with blood on it. It was a little from her foot. Nothing bad. Her impression was Terra wanted to murder all three of them. 

About the Author

Martha is an author from Oregon. She has published 4 books in The Mystery of Frankenstein’s Bride series.

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