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Review: Marked Wolf (Protector Wolf Shifter Series #2) by Lilliana Rose @LillianaRose2

Marked Wolf

Protector Wolf Shifter Series #2

by Lilliana Rose

Published: May 11, 2023

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Paranormal, Shifters, Paranormal Romance


Tamaska is hunted by vampires and needs protection.

Kodiak is the one to keep her safe. But after discovering he is a wolf shifter, Tamaska is confused and fearful. She vows to find the Blood Opal herself, unwittingly going straight into the vampire lair.

Kodiak must find another way to protect her before the vampires capture her for the completion of a ritual to heighten their powers. If he doesn’t, he will lose the woman he’s falling in love with, and the vampires will dominate humans making them their blood slaves.

Kodiak can’t stop this from happening alone. Will his pack be able to help him protect Tamaska? Or will the vampires hit them hard and begin a change that could bring chaos to the world forever.

Fans of Twilight, Shadow Hunters, and The Winx Saga will devour Lilliana Rose’s world of unexpected adventure and dark imagination.

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My Review:

Tamaska is being hunted by vampires. She has learned that there is a Blood Opal out there and she has found out that the vampires have it. This Blood Opal is destined to change the world forever if it stays in the hands of the vampires.

No way is this going to happen if Tamaska has a say in the matter. She is determined to get her hands on that opal if it is the last thing she does. She will risk everything to get that opal away from the vampires even going into the vampire's den herself.

But this wolf shifter that she has just met is not going to allow that to happen if he can help it. Kodiak is a wolf shifter and will do whatever it takes to keep Tamaska safe. Even following her into the lion’s den or should I say a vampire den.

Kodiak’s pack does not allow a wolf and a human to bond. Kodiak is a little worried about this one little fact. Kodiak knows that he is falling hard for Tamaska and he is not so sure that he can change the minds of his pack mates to accept Tamaska.

Marked Wolf is the second book in the Protector Wolf Shifter Series and just as good if not better than the first book Shadow Wolf. Like the first book Marked Wolf pulled me in from the first page and is still hanging on. Tamaska and Kodiak took me on a very exciting ride as I followed them into that den of vampires not knowing if they were going to make it out alive. It gave me cold chills.

If I wasn’t hooked by now, well, I sure was then. I was hanging on every word as the adrenaline kept pumping page after page keeping me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what comes next for Tamaska and Kodiak in the next book Rogue Wolf.

I invite you, dear reader, to grab a copy of Marked Wolf today and follow Tamaska and Kodiak as they try to save the world from vampires! 

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