Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Review: Queen of Ash and Iron: A Novel of Boudica (The Celtic Rebels Series #2) by Melanie Karsak @MelanieKarsak

Queen of Ash and Iron: A Novel of Boudica

The Celtic Rebels Series, #3

by Melanie Karsak

Published: May 23, 2023

Publisher: Clockpunk Press

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction


Fated to lead a rebellion against Rome.

Destined to become a legend.

Britain, A.D. 47

All at once, everything changes.

The rebellion of the Northern Iceni under King Caturix results in dire consequences for Boudica. Without Aulus Plautius’s protection, Boudica must face the new, more severe Roman Governor Scapula. Struggling to make their way in a war-torn landscape, Boudica and Prasutagus persevere, but fate has a way of undoing our best intentions. Catastrophic events take place undermining everything Boudica worked so hard to achieve.

As the eagle betrays, the queen of ash and iron rises to protect all that she loves.

Continue the epic tale of the famous warrior queen in Queen of Ash and Iron: A Novel of Boudica, book 3 in the Celtic Rebels series by New York Times bestseller Melanie Karsak.

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My Review:

Queen of Ash and Iron is the third book in The Celtic Rebels Series. I fell in love with this series from the very beginning with the first book Queen of Oak. But I must say I do believe that Queen of Ash and Iron is my favorite by far.

I love all the characters but Boudica is my favorite of all. Boudica is a strong human and a great leader. She will go to battle and stand up for all her people. I love her attitude and the way she looks at life. She has one of the biggest hearts around. She is always putting her people before herself.

Boudica has been through a lot over the course of The Celtic Rebels series losing her dad and now her brother. The Romans are making their way through their land destroying and taking whatever they want. Killing anyone who gets in their way.

Boudica made a deal with the Romans to keep her people safe but it appears that the Romans are not holding up to their word. Boudica sets out to make them stand by their word. Along the way, she sees all the destruction they have caused upon the land and her people.

Queen of Ash and Iron is a very captivating story that will hang on with me for a very long time. After I started reading Queen of Ash and Iron I was drawn in and there was no way I could lay it down as it would not let me go. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The horror of it all. I mean it was horrific, to say the least.

My heart ached for all those people. I just can’t seem to make myself believe all the things the Romans did to Boudica’s people. I was in tears on more than one occasion. It reminds me so much of the things that are going on in our own world today.

I highly recommend Queen of Ash and Iron who likes reading stories about history. Grab your copy of Queen of Ash and Iron today!

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