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Review: Curse of the Fae Prince: The Spring Court: Crowns of Magic by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Curse of the Fae Prince: The Spring Court: Crowns of Magic

by Ashley McLeo

Published: May 31, 2023

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Fae, Dragons, Vampires, Mages, Wolves, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Magic


A standalone, steamy fae and witch romance novel.

I’m a dark artifacts hunter, but now I’m the one being hunted.

After I tumble into Faerie, dark beasts begin to follow, lurking in the shadows, killing anyone in sight. The monsters are changing the kingdom into something it shouldn’t be, something wrong. They dim the very stars above and freeze the land below.

At first, I want out. I want to return to my ailing mother. I want nothing to do with this land that is not mine.

And yet, there’s no way out, that isn’t through the monsters, a terrifying scenario that the charming and handsome ruler of the kingdom can’t seem to fix. Actually, he seems more inclined to throw dinners, attend balls, and flirt, rather than figure out how to defeat the monsters at the gates.

But when I catch him in a moment of weakness I discover I might be wrong about him. The prince does care, and he feels like he’s to blame. His secret curse is the cause of this madness.

And after one shocking revelation, we realize I might be the only one to get the Spring Court out of this mess.

Curse of the Fae Prince is a fantasy romance that is perfect for fans of CN Crawford and Sarah J. Maas.

Previously published in the Seduced by Magic boxset.

This book is now part of the Crowns of Magic Universe which includes The Coven of Shadows and Secrets Series and The Winter Court Series.

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My Review:

Kora has been working hard to get the money needed for her sick mother’s illness. She hopes the mission that she is about to embark on will be enough to pay for the medicine her mother needs.

Her mission takes her to the land of Faerie. Upon entering the land of Faerie she is surrounded by monsters who are trying to kill her. What do these monsters want with her? Why do they want her dead? I mean she has just entered the land of the Faerie. What rules has she broken? Has she had time to break any rules? Can Kora finish her mission before the monsters kill her?

She is saved by the Fae Prince Aidoneus who takes her to his home to heal. Kora soon learns that the Fae Prince just may be the reason all the monsters are attacking her. What did the Fae Prince do? What do the monsters have against him? What do the Fae Prince’s problems have to do with Kora?

Can Kora and the Fae Prince save the Spring Court from the monsters? Can they save it before it is too late? How can they save the court? Well, sparks will fly before they find the answer and more lives will be lost, lives of monsters as the battles rage on.

Curse of the Fae Prince pulled me in with the title. Once I read that first word I was lost. Curse of the Fae Prince kept me hanging on every word. The battle scenes with the monsters were very intense. The writing was so brilliantly written to the point that I could see each and every scene as it took place playing out in my head as if it was real and I was a part of it.

As always and with any book written by Ashley McLeo I highly recommend Curse of the Fae Prince. One-click your copy of Curse of the Fae Prince today!

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