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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Elvia and the Gift of Passion by Ruthy Ballard @GoddessFish

Elvia and the Gift of Passion

by Ruthy Ballard

GENRE: Middle-Grade Science Fantasy


Adventurous ten-year-old Elvia is sick of her dull-as-dishwater existence, suffocating under the stifling watch her overprotective parents. She longs for a different life, with more freedom and fun. But she gets more than she bargains for when she discovers an alarming family secret and is swept away on an adventure 64,000 light years from Earth. Tanzanian witch doctors, child-eating lions, and submarine exploration on a two-mooned planet enliven this science fiction fantasy adventure, the third in Ballard’s award-winning Tales by Moons-light series.

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About an hour after Alive found Immi’s note, Rats finished his morning cleaning duty and, liberated for the rest of the day, ran down to the Lunera Room and knocked on the door.

Alive answered.

Hi!” Rats greeted her, with an impish grin. “I’m the captain’s son. How’d you like to tour the boat?”

Alive was astonished to see another human, much less a boy carrying a ’merge pack who was only a couple of years older than herself. Was he another findling on an Urth adventure? She figured he must be.

When she’d recovered from her surprise, she said, excitedly, “I’d love it! I want to see everything, especially the galley.”

We’re not allowed in the galley,” Rats informed her, his eyes alight, “which is why I’ll be sure to take you there.”

Lacie appeared at Alive’s side. She’d overheard the brief conversation and was intrigued by this lively Earth boy who claimed he was the son of the captain. How could that be? She wanted to know more, but Alive piped up, “Can I go, Lacie?”

Of course, you can,” she replied. “But for goodness’ sake, change your clothes first. If you’re going to be running around the boat, you’ll need a different outfit.”

Alive asked Rats to wait a minute in the hallway while she swapped out her Coral Reef gown for some jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt that Lacie had borrowed, on her behalf, from The Sunken Treasure’s stash of clothes for findlings. She suspected she might be climbing ladders and crawling on all fours, and she was right. Thank goodness Lacie seemed to understand that.

She grabbed her ’merge pack and strapped it on, ready to go.

Are you a findling?” Alive asked her new friend, as she met him outside.

Nope,” he replied. “I used to be, but not anymore. I live here now. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later. Right now, let’s get outta here.”

Alive needed no further encouragement, so off they went, scampering down the hallway together like two Rats, not just one.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Children’s book author Dr. Ruth (Ruthy) Ballard is a scientist by trade who never thought she’d be one. Intimidated by science as a kid, she almost gave up on pursuing it as a career though she found it fascinating. Fortunately, a mentor stepped in and showed her the way. Now, she’s passionate about doing the same for the next generation of science shy, but creative, smart and capable kids. Her award-winning science fantasy adventures lure children in with compelling characters and entertaining, twisty plots that incorporate science in fun, accessible ways.

When Ruthy isn’t writing, she is “Dr. Ruth Ballard,” a forensic DNA consultant and a professor at Sacramento State, where she runs a forensic biology research and training program while consulting with attorneys across the country on criminal cases involving DNA evidence. She’s also a folk artist who loves to draw, illustrates her own books, and enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and their four dogs near their home on the Oregon coast.

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