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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Overdue by Jo A Hiestand @JoHiestand @GoddessFish


by Jo A Hiestand

GENRE: British mystery


A spate of three murders in as many months has Derbyshire’s local police and populace in near panic. And there will most likely be a fourth killing in two weeks unless something happens to stop the cycle. Former police detective Michael McLaren is that “something” that his best mate, Jamie Kydd, is counting on to end the alarming deaths. He enlists McLaren’s help to look into the events, hoping his friend can solve what, so far, has confounded the Constabulary.

Each of the three crime scenes is the same, yet different: the same types of things but not the same specific things left with each body. As McLaren becomes enmeshed in the hunt for the killer, his friend Melanie arrives for a planned visit. Can his days become more complicated than simultaneously playing host and unmasking a killer? They can when he’s aware that each tick of the clock brings them closer to the next planned murder. And perhaps an unplanned one...thrown in for fun.

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My invitation’s still open. You could just move in with me. You know it’s what I was hoping you’d do.”

I appreciate your offer, Mike, but I can’t.” Melanie’s voice came over apologetic sounding, as though she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

I need an occupation, a purpose for my own life, not just being a guest who contributes to the house upkeep by doing the laundry and fixing tea and weeding the garden, no matter if I love the owner of the house or not. There’s nothing wrong with being a house guest for a little bit, but I have to have a broader reason for my life. A B&B may not be much in the eyes of the world, but I’ve discovered I have a skill for that. Plus, it fulfills me, and it gives me pleasure to help others, even in this small way. It’s not that I don’t...love you. I just need my own space. And that’ll make our time together more enjoyable.”

She hesitated, and it took her several seconds before she went on. “Don’t rush this, please. My daughter’s in university. I have to make a living to support her. And no matter how large of a heart you have, I won’t let you contribute to that expense. I hope you understand.”

He nodded, then realized she wasn’t beside him. “Right. Sensible, as usual. Ease into seeing each other daily. The stars in your eyes might dim if you bunk down here and discover I always throw my dirty socks into the sink.”

My Review:

Overdue is the first book I have read by Jo A Hiestand. After reading Overdue I am now wondering why I have not read one of Jo’s books before now. Overdue is full of mystery and surprises that kept me hanging on every word from start to finish.

She knows how to write a story that will keep you guessing page after page. I kept going over all the clues at the crime scenes in my head as I was reading and getting each new clue trying my best to guess what happened, who did it, and why.

Overdue may be the first book by Jo that I have read but I don’t believe it will be the last. I plan on checking out more of her books, especially the McLaren Mysteries.

Three bodies have turned up in Derbyshire and have everyone in turmoil. Former police detective Michael McLaren is asked by his best mate, Jamie Kydd to help him solve the case before more bodies turn up.

This case has both McLaren and Kydd stumped. I enjoyed trying to solve the mystery with them and going on their investigation as they questioned people who may have known the deceased.

I would recommend Overdue to all murder mystery fans! Grab your copy of Overdue today and help Detective McLaren and Jamie Kydd solve another mystery!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jo A. Hiestand grew up on regular doses of music, books, and Girl Scout camping. She gravitated toward writing in her post-high school years and finally did something sensible about it, graduating from Webster University with a BA degree in English and departmental honors. She writes a British mystery series (the McLaren Mysteries)—of which three books have garnered the prestigious N.N. Light’s Book Heaven ‘Best Mystery Novel’ three years straight. She also writes a Missouri-based cozy mystery series (The Cookies & Kilts Mysteries, of which "A Trifling Murder" is the second book) that is grounded in places associated with her camping haunts. The camping is a thing of the past, for the most part, but the music stayed with her in the form of playing guitar and harpsichord, and singing in a folk group. Jo carves jack o’ lanterns badly and sings loudly. She loves barbecue sauce and ice cream (separately, not together), kilts (especially if men wear them), clouds and stormy skies, and the music of G.F. Handel. You can usually find her pulling mystery plots out of scenery—whether from photographs or the real thing.

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Marcy Meyer said...

I really like the cover. Looks really good. The story sounds good.

Jo Hiestand said...

Marcy, thank you! I like the cover too! :-)

Jo Hiestand said...

Thank you, Avid Reader, for hosting my book today. And thank you for the kind review.

Sherry said...

This sounds like a good book and I really like the cover.

Anonymous said...

The book sounds intriguing. Great cover.

Audrey Stewart said...

I love McLaren Case Mysteries Series by Jo A Hiestand.

Debbie P said...

This sounds like a book that I will enjoy.