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Book Blitz: Stripped: From Recovery To Liberation by James Odell @RABTBookTours


Memoir, True Crime, Christian Living

Date Published: May 9, 2023


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Discover the transformative power of faith and redemption in James Odell's gripping new book, "Stripped."

Journey with James Odell, best-selling author, renowned speaker, teacher, preacher, and psychology major, as he shares his deeply moving testimony in "Stripped." This extraordinary book is a testament to the power of faith and the healing touch of God's grace.

James shares his heart-wrenching story:

"As a forty-one-year-old man, I awoke half dead after consuming six shots of heroin a day in my former life. It was a life without joy, peace, contentment, or purpose. I felt like I wasted 41 years of my life. I lost everything I ever loved and cared about after making and wasting $2,200,000 dollars. This includes three wives, three children, and everything I ever bought with my money. Furthermore, I was arrested twenty-four times in four states and sent to prison three times in two states. In that moment, I realized I had some pressing heart matters to settle, and I would die if I didn't."

In "Stripped," you'll find:

  •     A powerful testimony of repentance and salvation through Christ
  •     Insightful guidance based on Biblical principles and wisdom
  •     A unique blend of personal experience, psychology, and spirituality
  •     Encouragement and tools for healing and spiritual growth
  •     Inspiration to embrace God's love and grace in overcoming life's challenges

Through his faith in Christ, James found redemption, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose. His profound transformation serves as a beacon of hope for fellow Christians seeking victory over their own battles.

Embrace the warmth and encouragement of James Odell's incredible journey in "Stripped." Let his experience of salvation and God's love serve as a reminder that no matter how dark the path may seem, there is always hope in Christ.

Secure your copy of "Stripped" and let James Odell's inspiring story of faith, hope, and redemption guide you toward a life filled with God's love and grace.

About the Author

Author James Odell is 46 years old and is from Arlington, Texas. He currently resides in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. James enjoys playing and watching baseball. He also enjoys weightlifting in his free time. He has three daughters, whom he loves beyond comprehension. He is currently a college student at Liberty University and will be a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in just a few years.

The book that is entitled, “The Road to Hancock County,” took him approximately two years to bring to print. He also wrote a second book that will be out soon called “Stripped.” He donates most of his book royalties to charity in order to help feed the poor. The sad state of this world is that 25,000 people die a day from hunger-related diseases. Approximately 10,000 children of those 25,000 die each day because of malnutrition. Please help support the less fortunate by purchasing a copy.


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