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Blurb Blitz + #Giveaway: It Takes Two...and a Uterus by Sarah Zadek @sarahhealthyfox @GoddessFish

It Takes Two... and a Uterus

by Sarah Zadek

GENRE: Wellness


An evidence-based guide to optimizing egg, sperm and uterine health for improving the odds of a healthy pregnancy (whether naturally or with advanced reproductive technologies such as IVF), no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status. This witty and easy-to-follow guide addresses key factors in fertility such as your: genetics, gut and vaginal microbiomes, diet, physical activity, sleep, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins.

Understand the science behind fertility, how to troubleshoot "unexplained infertility," PCOS, endometriosis, and the challenges with conceiving in your 30s and 40s. Learn how to track ovulation, when to have sex (or inseminate), and which supplements may help along the way.

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Welcome to your all-in-one fertility guide!

Whether you picked up this book or it was a gift, you’ve taken a positive step towards enhancing your reproductive success and overall health— assuming you actually read it. My goal is to get you comfy and cozy with your reproductive system and the art and science of making a baby! The art is the delicious food you can eat and glorious orgasms that help you get pregnant. The science is the hundreds of biological processes that go into making a new human being.

No matter what your situation, gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status, this book provides insight into how you, a partner, or a surrogate can improve the odds of becoming pregnant. As the title suggests, conceiving and making a healthy baby requires a healthy and viable egg, a healthy, motile sperm cell, and a uterus for the resulting embryo to grow in. Since the majority of humans have either testicles or ovaries and not both, it takes two people (and sometimes three if you need a surrogate uterus) to make a baby. Although I have a “sperm health” section of this book (see Chapter 14), you’ll find that I’ve included information for people with testicles throughout many chapters and sections, not just in that single chapter. I highly encourage you to read this book from start to finish as it tells the story of reproduction and fertility challenges and how to address each one.

Within these pages I’ll discuss the foundational health factors that go into improving sperm and egg quality and uterine health. I also address which supplements may be helpful for increasing reproductive odds and review your reproductive options if you’re not taking the old penis-ejaculating-into-vagina route.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dr. Sarah Zadek ND, is a writer and licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario, with an honours degree in biological sciences and a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Sarah currently practices at Conceive Health at TRIO Fertility in Toronto, an integrative clinical model that supports collaboration between naturopaths and medical practitioners. When she's not working or spending time with her husband and daughter, Sarah loves getting lost in a good book or going for a run with her dog Maple.

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