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Book Tour: Into the Dragon's Den by Lisa Unfried @RABTBookTours

Young Adult Fantasy / Christian

Date Published: October 3, 2023

Publisher: Lucid Books

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Do you ever wonder if there is more to this life? Daniel did, even though he didn’t realize it. He was just a mild-mannered, teenage boy trying to deal with the challenges of a major move, the lack of friends at a new school, and the school bully who repeatedly attacked him. All he wanted was to get through school, immerse himself in his video games, and hope that life would somehow get better. Then he met the town’s matriarch who offered him something different—an alternate reality. Follow Daniel as he slips into realms beyond his own. He discovers that it takes faith to follow his destiny and learn the truth of his identity. He finds new friends, and together they discover the truth of Evil, its tactics for destruction, and its influence on the darkness of their world as they find themselves in the Dragon’s Den.

Interview with Lisa Unfried

    How many books have you written and which is your favorite?

    It is hard to answer this question because this is the first book I have written and published, so it is my favorite by default. I have written some poetry and had a few poems published in different places. I was trying to write a series of cozy mysteries, but I would get to the part where someone would have to die, and I had trouble making that happen. Maybe someday I will be able to follow through with it.

    If you’re planning a sequel, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it?

    Since ‘Into the Dragon’s Den’ is the first of a trilogy, my current work is the second book, ‘Through the Dragon’s Den’. ‘Into the Dragon’s Den’ is a step into the spirit world, a vision of our true battle grounds, a picture of the spirit if you like. It is a Christian story with a secular slant. ‘Through the Dragon’s Den’ is a broader picture of the effect of evil on our spiritual world and how to battle in the spirit realm, our soulish realm. The third book brings it all back to this reality as Daniel will be required to face the evil around him, ‘Beyond the Dragon’s Den’. It then ends with a little surprise.

    Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

    There is a connection between the books. That can’t be helped, however; I hope that one will not be required to read the books in order.

    How did you come up with the title for your book?

    As I was looking at someone’s house, I had a vision of a dragon laying across the ridge of the roof. A story began to form in my head. I thought: “Daniel in the Dragon’s Den”. From there a story of t flooded my brain and it grew from there. Though the final story was quite different from the initial concept and he list of characters grew as did their adventures.

    How long did it take you to write this book?

    I have found notes I wrote about the developing story dated over 10 years ago. I have kept my journals with notes about Daniel, places, ideas and concepts, characters, battle strategies, even biblical notes.

    What does the title mean?

    We, like Daniel who was thrown into the lion’s den, must realize the lions are not the enemy, but the dragon behind the lions and his lies are the real threat.

    What did you learn when writing the book?

    It took a great deal of research to understand the concepts I use of the king and his kingdom. I had to understand that fear is my greatest enemy and to trust the Spirit to guide the journey of Daniel and his friends.

    What surprised you the most?

    How, once started, the story flowed easily, like a download. As I wrote, it became easier until it stopped.

    Have you ever killed off a character your readers loved?

    No, but that may happen in the future.

    What do you do to get inside your character’s heads?

    My problem isn’t getting into their heads but getting them out of mine. I often hear characters thoughts in my head. Writing them down helps me tell their story. Isn’t that what we all want, a chance to tell our story?

About the Author

I was born in a sleepy suburb of Houston, Texas, at a time when televisions weren't common in every home, phones had wires, and people surfed only at the beach. I didn't know what I could become, so I watched the world go by. I married my banker boss, had two children, welcomed three grandchildren, and researched a variety of topics such as history, politics, religion, physics, space, medicine, and the human condition. Mostly I like telling stories. I am still in that same town, watching things and telling stories.


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