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Review: Bloody Brilliance (The Fury of a Vampire Witch #5) by Theophilus Monroe

Bloody Brilliance

The Fury of a Vampire Witch #5

by Theophilus Monroe

Published: November 16, 2023

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Magic


I'm done being the good girl…

So much sacrifice. One betrayal too many.

This bloodsucker has had enough.

And with this strange dragon-shifter as my lover and partner, who is going to stop me?

My old team has tried. They don't stand a chance.

I don't want to be a queen, anymore. I want to be a goddess.

Who's going to stop me? You? Give me your best shot.

But there's one thing that I can't quite shake. Why does this dragon have so much control over me? Why can't I resist him?

Do I even want to resist him?

Bloody Brilliance is the fifth book in The Fury of a Vampire Witch. You've met Mercy before in The Legacy of a Vampire Witch and The Blood Witch Saga. She's fought against devils and demons, insidious witches, and old-world vampires. When she returns to Exeter, where she grew up as a girl, she'll find enemies even bigger and badder than anything she's ever faced before.

A great series for fans of the 
True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Underworld franchise to sink their fangs into. The Fury of a Vampire Witch features a dark and twisty romance, action that could even get a vampire's heart pumping, and a snarky badass heroine.

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My Review:

WOW! I don’t know where to begin. While I have loved reading each and every book in The Fury of a Vampire Witch I do believe that Bloody Brilliance just may be the best one yet. I always love reading about Mercy Brown a vampire/witch. She is brilliant in her own way.

She has a good heart and always tries to do what is best for everyone but this time around something strange is going on with Mercy. She is not the person she once was. No, she has changed. She is going against all the things she believes are right. She has gone on a vampire feeding frenzy draining all the humans in sight more or less.

Mercy has no idea what is wrong with her. She wonders why she is going about draining humans. Mercy soon learns that she is being controlled by a dragon. Mercy is determined to regain control of herself if it is the last thing she does. She is in luck as she has some great friends who will do anything to help her. Especially Sebastian.

Bloody Brilliance drew me into its world with the first word. I couldn’t believe all the things Mercy was doing but I still stood behind her. One of the best words to describe Bloody Brilliance is brilliant. It held me captive from beginning to end.

I was on the edge of my seat as I raced to the end as I wanted to know how it was going to end plus everything in between. I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough. I couldn’t wait to know it all but at the same time, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted it to keep going. I can’t wait to read more in The Fury of a Vampire Witch.

I definitely positively recommend Bloody Brilliance to all fans of vampires, witches, werewolves, magic, and a whole of suspense. Grab a copy of Bloody Brilliance today!

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